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Im so sorry to hear that, Seeking peace. Its hard to prepare with hope to leave without some kind of answers or direction. Are you going to do the lyme test again? I do not recall the actual statistic, but less than 15% or so do not present with a classic bulls eye. I didn't either. I started with hives wherever I wore jewelry, then pressure hives from my seatbelt and socks which escalated into systemic hives 24/7 the size of lemons and bananas. I had crazy sensations in my ears, a headache and was freezing cold all the time. Then a fierce rash started on my cheek and traveled around my chin and up my nose and mouth. My PCP said thats not lyme probably fungal and the dermatologist said oh yes it is then it was about 4 wks since the bite and other symptoms were starting too. You very well could have had the rash in your scalp and not have been able to see it. Ive been told the rash is not always at the bite location.

Sounds like she wasn't entertaining an alternate diagnosis or on board with Lyme? Are you just to walk away without a plan or referral? Have you considered a Naturopath to run other testings which can help pinpoint causes and narrow down the scope of your illness? The downside of seeing an ND here is they are not licensed to prescribe medication or something as simple as a B12 injection. Only supplements. So I was careful to seek out only ones who appeared qualified and worked with integrative docs. Overall...I was impressed with his knowledge on chronic disease and initial work up done. I too had brought about 5 yrs of lab work with me to that appointment. Many of the tests he ran have not been done on me despite having years of routine blood work which was "off" while under regular PCP and Specialist care. I gave up for a while. This tick bite kicked me back up a notch to seek out alternative care due to the laundry list of symptoms I am currently battling and have for many years. I feel like there is a traveling circus in my body and never know where its performing on any given week.

Good luck, and don't stop searching until you can find the right doctor who will help. Wishing you the best!

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