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[QUOTE=BuddhaGirl;5196135]Hello! I found this forum in the hope that others had some similar experiences to perhaps I could make sense of WHAT the heck has happened in the past 6 years.

I've never been convinced that I have multiple sclerosis...I had one major episode in 2007, then one "relapse" in 2010 which was treated with steroids (solumedrol if memory serves me correctly). Otherwise, I've felt very little as someone with MS would be expected to feel. I have a labour-intensive job (I'm a chef) which requires long hours and regular/ normal aches, pains, and fatigue...but I always thought I was being lazy or complaining too much and have avoided complaining about my Lyme-suspicious symptoms; sore knees and legs, widespread rashes on my neck, chest, back, stomach, and sometimes legs, difficulty concentrating or staying focused, swollen glands in neck, constant aches and pains, headaches, stiff and sore muscles, problems with balance and coordination, etc., etc.

I have never looked closely at Lyme/ Bartonella until the past year....I have persisting (comes and goes/ gets a bit better or worse but never goes away) rashes that look VERY similar to the photos I've seen in Lyme patients.

I had a blood test which was negative, but I've been told that its all BS and that blood testing is inconclusive.

I'd REALLY appreciate an opnion and possibly a friend to help me make some sense of whats been happening to my many years have passed and I've always just felt like I was whiny and to toughen up and deal with living with discomfort.....but I don't think I can keep this up much longer, I'm just so tired and disappointed.

I have taken some pics of my skin but not sure where to post them for opinions? Please help.[/QUOTE]
Hi there,

If you live in Canada, our testing for lymes is not adequate. You need to go to a Natural Path Doctor do a consult tell them you suspect lymes and ask for a lymes testing that they will send to the USA testing department. The test will cost you $550 and 50 for blood workup. The consult will cost you a couple hundred too. I did this recently has I have been suffering for over 10 years with my regular gp's telling me it's not lymes and my test came back positive. My test in Canada that I took came back negative 5 years ago. The states is better testing than Canada's quidelines. Hope this helps.

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