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First off I don't have a diagnosis.

Brief symptom list from 2009:
Arthritis (particularly neck pain and knee pain)
Bulls-eye rash on knee
Shortness of breath
Blurry vision
Vague.. Pelvic pain?
Horrible horrible gut pain
Yellow skin/nail problems
Skipped heart beats
Rash (dots) on hands and feet
Confusion (ahh I'm sorry, repeat was a joke)
Seriously....those are about 1/5 of all of my symptoms, but I'll stop there

I was never treated. I only recently started going to doctors because of persisting problems. (Particularly continued horrible gut pain, unrelated to food.) I've had CTs, ultrasounds and so forth. Apparently I'm a liar, everything looks fine.

Doctors have this "Uh huh... Stop talking hypochondriac" look on their face and stop listening by about the 5th symptom.

Latest doctor flat out said, if you had Lyme, you're over it now.

I've drained my resources, I can't work, no longer live near ticks or LLDs. Should I continue to pursue this?

1)Would treatment even help me at this point? Even if it helped, is it only temporary relief?
2)I can never donate blood again?
3) Should I treat myself as if I had an STD and all that that entails? Same goes for Babesiosis? ..or w/e caused my liver to flip
4) Does Lyme have flair ups?
5) Should I avoid vaccines and flu shots?

*edit* As bad as I felt in 2009, I don't look sick anymore. People don't see I have gut/muscle pain. I probably come off as lazy. I'm constantly on the verge of panic attacks or tears. Other than that, most of my old symptoms are gone. I worry treatment might not help my gut pain, but that would be a very big coincidence with the timing if this has nothing to do with my episode in 2009.

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