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Very confused in MD
Jul 24, 2013
Hello, I have been posting on the MS board because I had convinced myself that what I was experiencing was early stages of MS, but I just found out that my Lymes testing came back with 1 reactive result. I am very confused about what this means. My Lyme IgM 41 kDa band was reactive and everything I have read states that this is the only test that is not specific for Lymes disease. Is this true? If it's positive, does it mean that there might be some other infectious disease going on? My RPR was negative. My symptoms with this current episode are numbness from my feet to my pelvis area which was preceeded by lightheadedness and balance issues-those 2 symptoms have pretty much resolved but the numbness is still with me, it went away for a short time but came back. Could this be Lymes disease given that I only had 1 test come back reactive on my Western blot? Please someone help me! Thanks in advance.
yes. it could be lyme. Lyme disease many many times does not show up on blood work. your symptoms sound like lyme. There are other diseases that would give a positive 41 band. But not with your symptoms that i know of. i would go to a LLMD. Good luck.

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