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So, long story and symptoms over last 5 months....
(And I am 30 and a female)
March: left side of face went numb, no stroke. Next day, left side of body went numb-ish. Could still feel touch, but like coming off Novocain. Went away after week. Dr. Ordered PT. then I had a week of intense chest wall pressure. Back to Dr. No heart problems. Pressure went away.

April: intense pain in back that would seem to move around. Hard to sleep. Inflammation in back. Joint pain especially in left knee and hands. Cracking bones and intense muscle/skeletal fatigue and pain. Intense headaches that come and go. Tingling in arms and legs.

May: sent to Rheumatologist. All blood work came back normal. MRI showed a slight degeneration of my L5, but nothing else. Ruled out MS and Lupus. They diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and gave me Vicodin and muscle relaxers. Still having muscle fatigue, back pain, and headaches.

June: pain in back and shooting pain down left leg. Swollen left side, esp ankle, foot, and knee. Muscle spasms all over. Swollen throat. Fevers off and on. Loss of appetite. Fatigue. Swollen fingers. Depression and anxiety. Insomnia. Veins popping out of hands and feet and swelling a ton. When I go out in hot weather it is worse. I feel like I have the flu.

July: Epstein-Barr virus came back positive. Levels very high. Lyme disease (western blot) came back negative. Blood pressure really low for me at 118/64. Blurry vision, dental pain, very depressed, and waves of fatigue.

So, I know all that sounds bizarre, but those are my symptoms. I keep getting told by Dr.'s that I live in Colorado and it is not a tick disease state. I lovingly tell them that I go to Iowa every year and I bet that even in Colorado there are cases of Lyme. After reading other posts on Lyme, I am wondering if it is what I have. I would appreciate any and all insight anyone has.

Thank you,

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