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Aug 4, 2013
I was bitten by a tick over 20 years ago. Had Lyme test back then and it was negative. I was never told to get retested. Back in 2005 I started having issues with my neck, thyroid, blood pressure, depression, anxiety. 2008 had cervical fusion surgery. All is down hill after that. Still having issues with the neck and new problems with my back and all my joints. My eye sight is horrible, can't see a damn thing without my glasses. Had doctors tell me if I lost weight that some of these issues would go away. Dec 3 2012 had lapband surgery, have lost almost a 100 pounds. Still having issues. My new Neurosurgeon said my symptoms do not match my MRI's or Catscan and Xrays . Decided to have me tested for Lyme . My PCP had me tested also. PCP test came back negative. The other came back INDETERMINATE. IGM band (41) IGM non specific was (20,72) IGG bands ( 41, 58,66,93) Also said INDETERMINATE. My Neurosurgeon told me I am positive. My PCP received a copy of the test and called me and said That test was negative too. I told her what my neuo said and she disgreed. I finally could not take the pain anymore and went to the ER. Luckily there was a doctor there that new about Lyme and he gave me pain killers and Doxycycline for 2 weeks. He said he felt that I had Lyme. So now here I am, not able to work (5 years now) I have state insurance. Been denied social security 3 times and cash assistance from the state. They feel I am fine to work. This is why I am in a confused state. I don't know what to believe.:confused::confused:

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