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If you're positive for Lyme then you need to see a lyme specialist, an LLMD - Lyme literate medical doctor. This is the only doctor who can help you. Was your test done at Igenex Lab? You also need to be tested for co-infections. If you see an LLMD they can sort it all out. Your primary doc cannot help you with this, especially since she told you she didn't know if your positive result was lyme or not! Your can try to find an LLMD in your area. Some people have to travel if one is not available nearby. There is treatment that can help, you just need to go down the right path to get it.

You need to be tested at the Igenex lab in Palo Alto California. The LLMD would send your blood to this lab . . . most likely. Most lyme specialists diagnose first by symptoms, then by tests. Tests are often unreliable for diagnosis (primarily the false negatives). I wouldn't be too concerned about the CDC as they operate with more stringent requirements. Igenex is the premier lyme lab.



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