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Past 10months I have been very fatigued, dizzy, neck stiffness, joint pain, and just really tired.. I thought it was because I was working too much along with being in a radiology program and exhausted mentally and physically with the long clinical hours. I have had chronic sinus infections and when took augmentun twice past few months felt better while on it, then back to old symptoms. One month ago I went to Dr again complaint that something didn't feel right and the next 9 days I spent with a fever 99.1 to 101.1 severe chills and fever and joint pain, along with occasional numbness in hands and feet. Because the blood work was taking them forever "two weeks" they told me they didn't have an answer for me!!! Cbc looked normal mono, parvo, and ana were negative. Waiting on lyme but live in jax, fl. i did find a tick in my tent teo years ago in a camp site but not sure if it rven bit me.... I was about to check myself into the ER when I found an old 6 days of Levaquin that I took!! Within 24 hours chills and fever went away and felt 75% better! Now last week I started feeling the run down feeling along with joint pain, just got all my labs back... The western blot Igg 41kd band is reactive and the 23kd igm band is also reactive. My lyme ab screen "antibody" is positive with 2.51! Doctor told me she didn't know if it was lyme or not.. What other test can be ran to find out!?? This fatigue and ran down feeling is really affecting my life! Anyone know about these test results?!
Tess, thank you for the reply, my test was done just through my doctor the antibodies for lyme was positive but. According to the CDC the Western Blot is negative because only 2 of the bands were reactive the CDC said at least 5 must be reactive for a positive result. I am waiting now for a third test to be done, but I will definitely go ahead and make an appt with a LLMD. Thanks again ;)

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