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Hi all,

This forum seems like a great resource with a lot of knowledgeable folks, so I figured I'd give it a try since I'm having trouble getting a Dx....

One weekend in mid-April of this year, I caught what seemed to be the flu and was sidelined for three straight days during which I was unable to get out of bed. After a few more days passed, the regular flu symptoms gradually went away (fever, upper respiratory, etc) but the aches, joint pains, intermittent headaches, and lightheadedness and malaise persisted -- and have continued to persist ever since.

A few weeks before this, I was in a heavily wooded area for the better part of a weekend, but at least as far as I can tell, wasn't clearly bitten by a tick, nor did a rash on the visible portions of my body appear.

So since then, mostly because of the cognitive problems I've had with memory, recall, and concentration, I've lost my job and everything has kind of fallen apart since then.

I've seen several specialists, including a rheumotologist and a neurologist but have yet to receive a diagnosis, as all Lyme tests (inkblot and ELISA, including from different labs) have been negative, as have all other blood tests.

Here's a complete list of my symptoms:

- cognitive difficulties (poor memory, recall, concentration)
- lightheadness
- slight to mild neuropathy (i.e. numbness) in my hands and feet of varying severity from day to day
- much less energy (both physical and mental), though it seems to improve after meals unless I am imagining it
- changes in my gait and in the way I walk
- dark black circles around my eyes despite > 9 or 10 hrs of sleep each night (people in the neighborhood who recognize me often immediately ask me if I am ok in a concerned tone of voice)
- brittle hair on my head
- lots of new wrinkles on my face and forehead
- slight to mild joint stiffness and inflammation affecting both sides of my body; this is much worse around the back of my neck and in my knees than anywhere else and occasionally I have a mild headache, more of a feeling of pressure in the back of my head where the skull and spinal column meet

... and that's it.

As for what's still OK, I can still run about 6 miles a day, although it's quite a bit harder than it was back in early April, and my legs now feel like mush afterwards (whereas before they would feel great).

My eye-hand coordination and vision is perfectly fine and my muscle strength seems to be OK too. No gastrointestinal problems either.

Does this sound like it might be Lyme to you guys?

None of my doctors will prescribe antibiotics in the absence of a positive lyme test or visible rash, though I am willing to try anything at this point.

Thank you!

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