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Re: Need answers!
Sep 7, 2013
[QUOTE=Evan1414;5219635] My questions are: 1.) does this sound like it could be Lymes? 2.) I have read the testing for Lymes is not always accurate and also NC does not do a great job with diagnosis or treatment bc the lack of knowledge. If it does come back negative and feel it truly could be Lymes what would be my next step? 3.) I have read many who have suffered for months and years and not been diagnosed. I can't imagine my daughter even going another week. Have you seem such a sudden onset as this? Is it common?[/QUOTE]


So sorry your daughter is suffering so and without any answers. In response to your questions:

1) Lyme manifests in so many different ways that it's hard to pinpoint definite symptoms that point to Lyme.

2) Her blood should be sent to Igenex Lab in Palo Alto California. Any doc can draw her blood and send it in. Be aware that testing for Lyme is notorious for false positives. Many people with lyme never test positive. Some feel that the white blood cells need to mount an appropriate immune response; therefore, it should first be treated to obtain a valid test. You could also call the head doc at that lab and discuss with him. He will return your call.

3) Definitely Lyme can have a sudden onset. I think it usually does. You don't have to have a rash or fever to have lyme. Many don't. Ticks can be difficult to see. They can be the size of a period. Also, there are many vectors other than ticks that can carry the bacterium -gnats, spiders, fleas, etc.

If you want a valid diagnosis you should have her see a lyme specialist, an LLMD - Lyme Literate Medical Doctor. Just be aware they are few and far between. You might have to travel. Also, most do not take insurance. But if you see an LLMD they would probably send her blood to the lab I mentioned, Igenex Lab.

All the best with this. I hope your daughter finds some relief soon.


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