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I think abx is not only useful but most often can irradicate the infection IF . . . it is started immediately after the bite (within the first month). After that, the spirochetes have a heyday replicating and moving from the blood into the tissues. So I agree with you, endless abx at this point can set up a host of other problems, which is one of the reasons I chose not to do them.

I think if one tests positive for LD, through any lab, then they are positive. The frustration lies for the great many people who do not test positive but are symptomatic. If the test you allude to can provide clarification on this then I think we're all ears.



Interesting, so you decided to do the same thing as me maybe? I did try multi-antibiotic treatment for 6 months from the LLMD referal at the lyme disease org after having symptoms for years, but I only developed a neurological symptom as a result and it did not fix my TMJ dysfunction or chronic muscle pain.

I now get paresthesias all over my body that feel like cold water, burning or stinging. I've had them for 4 years since stopping the antibiotics. They seem to calm down slowly over 18 months, but have flared up to original strength twice after an upper respiratory infection.

Did you try treatment at all at any point? You seem to be the only other person I've heard of who doesn't want to do treatment.

I'm now waiting for more tests like the nano-trap antigen test to be more sure and hopefully let the science catch up with diagnosis and a cure before I try something again.

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