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[COLOR="Teal"]Hi Joe, as Tess says, Infectious Disease doctors are not the ones to go to for lyme.

Borrelia, (Lyme) is in the syphilis family. It is hard to get it under control once it has gone chronic. Which it can easily.

Many of us have had to learn the lesson of, I.D. doctors do not know how to treat this disease. I went to one of the top notch places that is for infectious disease, here in Ca. They poohed me, and told me to go on my way. I then tried another infectious disease doctor, and he did the same.
And I went to see these 2 I.D. docs when I was under 100 pounds, hardly able to stand and mentally out there.

There is a documentary "Under Our Skin" that has been out a few years. It might help you in seeing that this disease is a very political disease. And there are only a handful of doctors that will put their licenses on the line to help us. From where you are sitting you should be able to find it, I think you can watch it on Netflix or order it. It is a short version of what this nightmare is about.

Joe when it comes to these diseases, no test is accurate. There are many strains of them all, so the labs do not test for all of them. And because we have Lyme or any of the co's does not mean we will always show a positive. Once we have lyme chronically it can hide out of the blood stream, creates cyst around itself. The bacteria can morph. So many start testing negative after long term treatment. Only for this bacteria to keep doing damage.

There are over 300,000 people a year getting infected. It is a endemic around the world. Not only ticks carry it, but any biting insect that goes host to host, mosquitos, fleas, bed bugs, ect, They are now admitting that it can be transferred sexually, some believe it is in the food supply. Mother to baby and some say even transferring it through saliva.

I do hope you can find a LLMD. They are specialist in these diseases.

Wishing you a quick recovery!


Tess, thank you for suggesting the Celadrin, I am going to try it. My knees and legs get so M.S. feeling.


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