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Hi, Moe!
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I hope and pray all is well with you!
Thanks for sharing about the brain detox!
I live in Lancaster County, PA (Amish country.) The closest LLMD is about one and 1/2 hours from me (depending on traffic.) I can't get in to see him for about 2 months. It's worth the wait, as he doesn't require positive markers to see a pt. As well, he charges on a sliding scale. The down side is that I'm really having a tough time with my immune system. I'm sick right now, with a sinus infection (chronic,) bad sore throat, w/pus filled bumps and blisters, fever, and now developing a cold. My PCP says it's viral, and I don't doubt it. I get this often. I know it didn't help, having a flu shot last month. I've been told that we "Lymies" should NOT have the flu shot, and it could exacerbate symptoms for up to months.
My estranged husband decided that he will work out an agreement with me, and supply alimony & medical insurance for another 2 years, as well as paying me back all the copay amounts over the last 2 years. ($8,500) I'm not sure if I'll accept it, but it seems as though his house is not sellable at this time, due to the fact that he just bought it 3 yrs ago, and it would sell for less than what he bought it for. So much to think about there.
I just got the book "Compendium of Tick-Borne Disease, a Thousand Pearls," by Dr. Kathy Spreen. Wow, quite a lot of info in there!! Do you have it?
My daughter, Mandi, just separated from her abusive husband this past week, and she and my grandson, Drew, are staying with me, my Mom, & my 2 youngest sons. I've been helping her through the process of getting help, legally, financially, etc. It's a bit chaotic around here, but we're managing. It's so sad that she's going through some of the things that I went through. Her husband hasn't been physically abusive, but extremely controlling, and mentally and emotionally abusive. My poor little Drew has seen and heard so much, and tells me about how upset he is with Daddy. She's doing the right thing, but it's hard for her. She's been told, by her counselor, not to engage him in conversation and texting (he is living in Philly,) but she responds to his angry texts and phone messages, thinking that she can "quell him down." It's only making things worse. He's threatening to take away her car, which was supposed to be in her name by now, as well as other threats. I had her call the domestic violence clinic, as well as a legal advisor, on how to proceed from here. Been there, done that. I know all too well, what it's like to second guess your decisions, and how hard it is to keep in mind WHY you've chosen to leave. She has moments when she only remembers the good times, and that's normal. Although, in her marriage, there haven't been many good times, as there had been in the beginning of mine. SO sad..
Well, I need to go help with my grandson now, so I'll get back to you later. My daughter is emotionally exhausted, and having a tough time dealing w/him being sick & needy @ this time. She's in counseling, but I think she needs more intense counseling, poor girl.
Prayers continuing,

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