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[QUOTE=TallyFL;5238087]I've read that iodine works for Lyme, but the symptoms come back when you stop the iodine. At this point, I'm not sure what to do. Since being infected with Lyme, I've gotten Hashimoto's thyroiditis, celiac disease, candida, adrenal fatigue, and one month I'm hyperthyroid and the next I'm hypo. I have so many symptoms and ailments I don't know what disease/virus is causing what![/QUOTE]

Really, most likely it is the lyme causing all of them. That was my experience, and it's very common among lymies. An LLMD, I think, understands this ongoing syndrome. I, too, did Iodoral but it did nothing for the lyme. Let us know how it goes. Btw: Doxy is very strong. Those critters need something with a good wallop, but it makes most people feel ill in the process. This is when detoxing is needed, rather than stopping the treatment.


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