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[COLOR="Teal"]Emmy what symptoms are you having?

Who ran these test on you, I mean are you seeing a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor?

Many doc's do use the CD57. Just meant my doctor doesn't.

To rule in or out Lyme, you truly need to see a LLMD. Many do not take insurance, so we have to pay out of pocket. But it is so worth spending time on other tests, and being ran through the ringer. No matter what you have besides the Babesia, it needs to be looked into.

Many Lyme doctors go solely on clinical evaluation, and many use Igenex Lab, in Palo Alto ca. But then again, you still can come up with a false negative. So the reason to get to a knowledgable doctor in Lyme and co-infections.

Babesia needs treatment also. That other doctors don't treat like a specialist will.

Hope you find the help you need.


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