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... Question for both of you, regarding temp. I feel like I should be burning up, it usually not so. My high is 99.3. My low is frequently 97 to 98. This am 97.1. ... (14 replies)
... Sorry to hear all the suffering you are going thru. My mom use to have body temp of 97.1 all the time and was always cold with shakes. Then would have hot flash and freeze again. I believe that Lyme thrives when the body temp is low. ... (14 replies)
... Yesterday, ended up at Family dr, couldn't make it to jemsek. The extreme shakes lasted all morning. Low body temp to start but went up to 99.3 by the time I got to office. Dont understand this boby temp thing. Mine used to be normal 98.6 years ago. ... (14 replies)

... at caused them. Drew alot of blood, thought my picc might be infected. It is not. Severe headache started behind L ear just like it did with first time. Had temp 99. ... (14 replies)
Body temp
Dec 2, 2005
... Absolutely the effect is the same. Dr. Jernigan addresses this in his book Beating Lyme Disease. (pg.s 117-147). Core body temp.(temp. taken at rest) also makes the organs, lympth as well as blood sluggish. I'm guessing body temperature is low in anyone with Lyme. I have really struggled to get my body temperature up, using Iscar injections - which so far haven't helped. But... (9 replies)
... Hi Pearl, I am sorry you have been feeling so badly and then Larry's TIA - good grief! Take care and take it easy... Just wanted to chime in - I have experienced the shakes before treatment and during treatment. I do think it was part of my herx. I would get the shakes while experiencing merciless migraines that would affect my vision, I would go numb in my mouth,... (14 replies)
... When I am Herx'ing, I also run a constant fever even though the thermometer reads 97 or 98! For as bad as I feel, it should read 110! LOL! ... (14 replies)
... Note, I am cold all the time. Yesterday noticed hands and arms icy. Larry told me they didn't feel same temp as rest of me. Seems like Im alway cold. I think it has something to do with low body tmp and for me now 99 is a fever. ... (14 replies)
... Hi, Pearlscale: I, too, am suffering the shakes, headache, slight temp. accompanied by voiding about every hour day and night - because I'm so drained and have lost pounds in this past week from this "malady", I haven't had fluids in 9 hours just to get some rest. I also didn't take my Levaquin this morning because all these symptoms started about 36 hours after my... (14 replies)
Body temp
Dec 23, 2005
... I too have been running a low body temp and can't find anywhere else that this is a symptom of another disease. Mine usually runs anywhere from 95. ... (9 replies)
... So far I have only done the first two and my body temp came up. I have been doing it for about six weeks. This morning my core body temp at waking was 98.6 for the first time ever since I have been monitering it. I was jumping for joy. ... (2 replies)
... Just a quick ad on about monitoring your temp. Same time every day is good advise. Everyone's temp fluctuates thru out the day, being higher for most in the afternoon. Also make sure you do not have anything to drink or eat 15 mins before. ... (9 replies)
... My mom has been having low temps also. Her's was 97 for a few days and also her blood pressure has been very low. I'd say that yes it is a sympton. I think that the low is the lyme. ... (9 replies)
... dougrobin01 Glad that you decided to look at the Lyme Board. Have had LD for 9 years and never get the fevers, my Temp is always around 97. ... (5 replies)
... Sorry for this being so long. Just trying to convey as much info here as possible. I was doing an internet search on skin tags and came across a Lyme Disease website. After looking at the symptoms list, I'm kinda sorta thinking it might be a good idea to get tested. I've never been tested for Lyme and my drs have never brought it up. My list of symptoms is below. Do... (9 replies)
... NCGirl Thanks, your description of your symptoms is almost identical to mine. I too believe it was a major herx. Since I went off all meds, I am seeing some slight improvement. But Id rather be killing some ketes. Im hoping next week they will put my picc line back in so I can get back into treatment. I go today for blood testing. Larry is doing alot better. ... (14 replies)
... We're home from hospital. Larry had a TIA (mini stroke) no damage. He was one of the blessed. It could have been so much worse. You all can imagine the stress it has me under. My one thread that im hanging by is getting more frayed by the minute. One positive, my head pain has lessoned. I think it was a blessing that they did pull my picc line, I could not have looked... (14 replies)
... Dear Marsha, When it rains it pours doesn't it? This is not exactly what you need at this point in your treatment. You finally got some halfway decent news and then this. I hope both you and Larry can rest a little easier tonite after the day you have had. Does this problem run in his family or do you think it is stress related? There is really nothing I can say... (14 replies)
... Thanks Brendd8 To tired and to much brain fog. I think yours is different that what mine is. Mine I really believe has to do with the very large lyme cyst on my brain; plus several small ones. All: I have spent the day at ER with my husband Larry. He has had a small stoke and they feel he is on the verge of a large more serious one. He also has Pneumonia and... (14 replies)
... Hi Marsha, I will try to answer you questions. I am cold all the time. Even in the summer when it is like 85-90 degrees I have long sleeves and a sweater on and pj pants. I cannot stand that winter is coming, but my husband, Dan is putting in A fireplace for me this week and I can hardly wait. I don't take my temps because most days i hardly make it out of bed. On a good day... (14 replies)

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