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I have been on a Lyme treatment for 3 months and now my Dr added Plaquenil in a small amount, a half pill twice a day. I take Bactrim 800/160 2x daily and omnicef 600mg 2x daily. The first dose of plaquenil made me feel sick. I feel anxious and have had some ringing in my ears. I felt almost an immediate Herx type reaction but also felt like an anxiety attack was imminent! Scary! I plan on calling the office this morning but also want to hear others experiences with Plaquenil and lyme treatment.

I did take Plaquenil along with Zithro and Rifampin. Plaquenil was the 3rd abx added and then Mepron. I had to stop the Mepron. Even with all the others I did have severe nausea, but also herx. I did stay the course and took all three for about 9 months. I had long term lyme from when I was 18 and got bitten in 2010 (I am now 55) and became almost unfunctional within a month. I can say it was worth every herx and side affect. My doc did check bloodwork often and had me take nearly 50 supplements daily to combat the poison and gut. I have recovered nearly 90%!

Hope this helps you recover :) There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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