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So far I have not bled since the evening after the surgery.

Note: If you have surgery with Lyme you might have a major problem with pain afterwords. Make sure you let your Doctors know that your brain might put you in a pain feedback loop! I couldn't even feel the surgery incision for nearly a week and I had to go back into the hospital a few hours after they sent me home because the pain would not ease at all it was awful think of the worse pain you have ever had and times it by 100.

The hospital to could do little for the pain but give me Dilaudid through a IV but it only made it so I wasn't screaming as long as I wasn't moving much. Be prepared for possible neurological backlash from medical procedures... It might wig out your nervous system and cause some really strange things to happen.. My whole body was over wrought with pain and mussel spasms all over my body. Any kind of touch was painful and my whole body wouldn't stop twitching making the pain worse. I would suggest to have a doctors appointment right after or rent out a micro current unit and have it on hand for right after set for nerve pain, and use it often to kept he pain in check until your body realizes it's not being dipped in boiling oil.

Most of my pain was concentrated on the are at that was causing me so much pain before the surgery and my Lyme Doctor thinks that the removal of the uterus removed some of the nerves in that area when they removed it and it set my body in this feed back loop setting my sympathetic nervous system off in a awful cycle.

But it was worth the pain now that I don't have to worry about bleeding anymore... We had to stop all my Lyme treatment because treatment plus the bleeding was making everything worse. I'm about ready to go back on the treatment again, because nearly 5 mouths without treatment has really made a lot of my Lyme symptoms get much much worse. I can't even talk very well right now.

As for your mom's bleeding Candi, I'm not sure.. I've read that some of the Hysterectomies done in the past have had bleeding problems later in life but also it might have to do with how much was removed and how it was removed. Mine was done just last mouth on the 27th so it's not been very long for me and things down there are so much better. I had my uterus, fallopian tube and cervix removed vaginally so that might have something to do with it too... I will keep you posted if I do start to bleed again, but the GYN told me without a uterus I can't bleed from a menstrual like cycle or like what was happening to me before. I would think there is something else going on because that is the source of Female vaginal bleeding unless there is something messed up around her cervix or where it use to be if it is gone too.

let me know if you find some answer I would really like to know so I can keep an eye out for things like this..

Good Luck!

[QUOTE=skimordiegirl;5266693]Hi, Jae

Did the hysterectomy stop the bleeding?

The reason I ask is because my mom had a hysterectomy in her 30's and had strange symptoms come on in her 50's where she was bleeding all the time. The drs never figured out why it happened and it never stopped. She had lyme symptoms too but was never tested.

I would be interested to hear from others on this too as I know all of her drs were stumped.


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