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Hello again,

A savvy naturopath is also a very good choice. Usually, though, LLMD's are not naturopaths. They are medical doctors who specialize in Lyme Disease. It sounds like you're on the right track with your present naturopath. You could always research LLMDs in your area as well, if interested. Maybe a second opinion or phone consult?

Regarding testing for LD. LLMDs diagnose primarily by clinical symptoms, tests only secondarily. This is because many legit. lymies often test negative. There are so many factors involved in LD testing. Yes, once your son is further into treatment he might mount antibodies that could then produce a positive but I really wouldn't get too hung up on these test results. An LLMD probably would not wait for testing to begin aggressive treatment because, as I said, testing is often not accurate.

Not everyone herxes right away but it may also be that he needs a change up of abx or a stronger dose. I only did alternative so maybe Jodie or someone more familiar with the abx protocol will also chime in.

Lastly, going to some other specialist, pediatric, RA, IA, etc. will only be prolonging proper treatment. No other specialist is qualified to test, advise or treat lyme disease. Another problem is that the critters replicate about every 30 days so if you're not getting the proper treatment the infection, over time, can become much more difficult to treat.

Good questions you are asking. I hope your son can find the help he needs before you return to Korea as many who live outside the US have reported difficulty finding qualified practitioners.

Wish you all the best and, of course, your questions are always welcome.


PS: your son also needs to be tested for the co-infections of lyme

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