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Hi All!

I don't want to bore you with my whole life story because my health has definitely become a lifelong battle so here is the short of it... I was bit by a tick almost 10 years ago now, I found it buried in my leg. I was diagnosed with lyme's based on severe clinical symptoms immediately following the bite (severe joint pain, fatigue, weakness, etc.). I was given 2 weeks of doxy. I have never felt right since that day. I have literally every symptom in the books, which I'll list below, although I have never tested positive for lyme. Until my bloodwork came back 3 days ago. I tested "present-abnormal" for IgM p23 but no IgG. I have been to EVERY specialist that exists in the world for a slew of symptoms (cardiac, rheumy, neuro, Lyme Lit, ID, etc.) only for many of them to patronize me and tell me all my symptoms are due to anxiety (which I'm sure many of you know can be the most upsetting and frustrating part of all of this), or to diagnose me with vague diseases such as autoimmune arthritis and chronic fatigue. Any idea what significance this positive IgM p23 has without another band present? Is this finally a break in the mystery that has become my body?? Any insight would be not only helpful but words can't describe how desperate I am to figure out what's wrong with me! It's a daily struggle of morphing systems that seem to migrate all around my body as if I'm an airport for ailments! As soon as I get a specialist appointment, others symptoms pop up while others go into what seems a remission... Thanks in advance!

Psoriatic Arthritis
Chronic Fatigue
Carpal Tunnel
Mitral Valve Prolapse
Heart Palpitations


Joint pain
sensitivity to light
sweats/chills (intolerance to temp)
reactive hypoglycemia
memory loss
muscle spasms and jerking
shooting nerve pains
blurred vision
head zaps
confusion/ brain fog
extreme fatigue
sudden muscle weakness
numbness in extremities
occasional numbness and drooping on left side of face
ear ringing
Emotional lability (literally extreme laughing turning into crying and back inappropriately out of nowhere)

Recent Bloodwork:
Iron Serum and Saturation- extremely high while UIBC extremely low
IgM p23 “present-abnormal”
EBV- very high
Strep antibodies- very high
Vitamin d deficient

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