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Ginny, I am sorry to hear what you going through. Lyme is one of the worst things one can have. I've been through cancer treatment and the lyme disease I suffered was worse.

I too saw many doctors who told me I didn't have lyme. My lyme test only showed one positive which was band 23. This band is specific to lyme. However, since I did not fit the CDC's narrow number of bands, I was told I didn't have lyme. After reading much on the disease, I knew in my heart I had it. I had been bitten by something which produced the rash (which not everyone gets) and from then on the symptoms came and eventually within 3 months, I had neurological stuff that was unbearable and I was unable to function.

I had been gravely ill when I was 18 (I'm 56 now) and diagnosed with mono (which was the catchall disease back them). I grew up in Connecticut and lyme was just being discovered when I was ill.

I eventually found an LLMD who diagnosed lyme. She also believes that when I as 18 I had lyme because when I was bitten a few years ago, it came back with a vengance. To say the least, I went into treatment with high dose of abx and plenty of supplements. It was not an easy road, but 2 years later I have to say I'm nearly 85% better. I still do have days when I am not well (you just get this feeling that something is not right), but have to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. I realize I will not remove all of the lyme and I have some symptoms that will not go away, but my qualify of life is so much better due to the wisdom and knowledge of my LLMD. She saved my life. As lymes know, when you have lyme that has affected you severely, you do not want to live.

Seek help from an LLMD. They know what they are doing. Most do not take insurance, but in the end spending the $$ I did was money I had to spend to stay alive. I hope the best for you as you continue to seek treatment.

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