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Many who find this board tend to ask the same type of questions;hopefully, this will address them in one place.


LD (lyme disease) is diagnosed first by clinical symptoms, secondarily by tests. Many people with lyme will not test positive. This is because certain factors need to be present at the time of testing or just faulty testing. Don't get "hung up" on getting a "positive" result before you seek treatment. If you do test, make sure your blood is sent to [B]Igenex Lab[/B] in [B]Palo Alto California[/B]. Other labs are not savvy about lyme testing.

[B]When to seek help[/B]

As soon as you suspect you might have LD! The sooner you can start treatment the more likelihood of complete healing. Even waiting 6 or 7 weeks can make treatment more difficult. This is because the spirochetes replicate about every 28 to 30 days. If you are not treating the infection will move from the blood into the tissues. At this point, healing is going to be much more difficult.

[B]What type of doctor should I see? [/B]

You should see a lyme specialist - an LLMD, lyme literate medical doctor. This is the only type of doctor that is qualified to advise, test, treat LD. Some Naturopaths also specialize in LD treatment. Any other type of specialist, RA, ID, ,etc. . . will not be of help, even though many will tell you otherwise. You will just be wasting precious time by going down this road. Most LLMDs do not take insurance. You may have to travel. Yes, this can be expensive and time consuming but it is vitally important that you are getting [I]the right kind of help[/I]. If you are inclined, alternative or a combination of alternative and western medicine can also be considered.

[B]What type of treatment is best for LD?[/B]

If you are seeing an LLMD you will most likely be on a antibiotic protocol. There are also many good alternative protocols to consider: Salt/C, Bruhner herbals, Bryon White herbals, Cowden method, etc...

[B] Detoxing[/B]

Whether you go the abx (antibiotic) route or alternative, detoxing is a must! Detoxing will remove the harmful toxins that are released (called die-off) when you begin treatment. If you don't remove these toxins you will herx, often mightily! A herx is a systemic reaction to the die-off. There are detoxing solutions available for most ailments that arise. You don't have to just suffer with a herx. Here are just a few. You can do research to find others:

[U]Pain[/U] - Magnesium or epsom salt bath soaks. you can also spray magnesium directly at the site. You would also benefit from supplementing with Magnesium as most lymies are deficient in it. Get a chelated brand if diarrhea is an issue. Essential Oils have some good pain products like Frankincense, Deep Blue, and others. Terry Naturally Curamin and bosweilla (which is Frankincense in a supplemental form) are good OTC supplements. Astaxanthin is good for joint inflamation.

[U]Gastrointestinal Problems[/U] - Probiotics are a must! Digestive enzymes, activated charcoal, baking soda can all be useful

[U]Lyme Rage[/U] - This is a catch all phrase for the emotional problems that often arise with LD. It includes anxiety, panic attacks, raging, etc... K Mag Kg supplement is good for this. Lithium Orotate is good for stress and depression. L' Ornithine is also for anxiety and calming.

[U]Lyme Flares[/U] - Oil of Oregano should be a staple in your house. A few drops in just a little water. Helps with that fluey feeling. Colloidal Silver is also useful. I used this for eye and ear issues as well as taking it internally.
Make sure you getting enough vitamin C. Large doses are often used successfully.

Make sure your vitamin D level is right. Optium levels are 50 to 70 ng/ml. Also, make sure your thyroid is functioning properly. Many lymies are deficient in these two areas.

Lastly, don't despair. It is possible for you to feel better and there are many who can help you with this process. Even with late-stage, chronic lyme, which many of us had/have, healing is possible. Maybe not 100% but definitely improvement in quality of life! Look for support groups in your community as well. This disease asks a lot of you but this is your path now, so what better to give all your good attention to?

I wish you all healing and the joy that comes from realizing that you have the power to turn even this devastating disease around.


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