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2 months ago I started having symptoms which came on suddenly: dizziness, terrible fatigue, muscle achiness, trouble concentrating and thinking, strange head spasms, neck, hip and upper back pain. I have never experienced anything like this before -- thought I was coming down with the flu - but no fever - and it did not dissipate.

I went to neurologist and Internist and nothing showed up in any routine blood tests, so I was at a loss as to where to turn. I made an appt. with a physiatrist for pain management and he ordered some different blood tests -- including a Lyme Screen. (I never saw any rash) The ELISA screen came back positive so they did the Western Blot. Here is where it gets confusing. The interpretation of the Western Blot is that I am negative for IGm but positive for IGg antibodies. The doctors say this indicates that I do not have a "current" or "active" infection -- but that I had a previous infection at some point.


[*]Can Lymes disease clear up on its own without antibiotics?

[*]I did some research on what IGg antibodies are. Couldn't a previous untreated infection still cause symptoms weeks/months later? OR -

[*] Is is possible that I was infected recently (not years ago) - but it was several weeks before any symptoms showed up?

[*]Does IGm have to be positive before they can diagnose Lyme Disease?

[*]Does the presence of IGg antibodies indicate that that you "had" an infection or that your infection is not recent, but still present, since the IGg antibodies are what are produced by the body later on in an infection?

The IM doctor thinks my symptoms are not related to LD and this is just coincidental. He put me on 2 weeks of Doxycycline anyway - probably just to ease my mind. It doesn't make sense to me - if I don't have an active infection the AB will do nothing. If I do have an active infection - I have read that 2 weeks is not enough.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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