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Hi all- This all started about 8 years ago, pulled a tick off of me and really thought nothing about it. About 2 weeks later the unbelievable joint pain/swelling kicked in. I couldn't tie my shoes,walk properly and was very weak and fatigued at all times,whiles lying in bed I couldn't even move the sheets with my legs without severe pain.

My family doctor didn't think lymes was an issue because I never had a bullseye, he said it was just some type of infection. Well I had that infection for 4 months before a it went away. Fast forward a couple years---my mind,mood,agitation has just been going downhill, new doctor ran test(Elisa) and all came back negative so the new diagnoses is depression. Went this route for 4-5 years and tried various depressant meds and they were little to no help.

Neurologicaly I feel that I'm going downhill so I decided to purchase the IGeneX Test to try to get to the bottom of my long battle.

I'm a bit confused with my results, hoping someone can give me their opinions...

IgM Western Blot:
30 kda ++
31 kda ind
34 kda ind
39 kda ind
41 ++

IgG Western Blot:
31 ind
34 ind
39 ind
41 +
58 +

Sorry for long story and thanks for any opinions.

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