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Apr 2, 2014
Hey Everyone, I'm a newbie!

A little info on me/my situation:

-21 years old, female, usually healthy (mild hypothyroid)
-Live in South Jersey, go to school in Philly

[B]My story:[/B]
-Became sick 2 months ago (started out with headache, hot flashes, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, body aches)
-Before I became sick: having trouble sleeping, unexplained anxiety, blurred vision
-Been to ER and Doctors multiple times--found nothing
-Had lots of tests and bloodwork done- found nothing
-Started getting tingling, numbness in hands, feet, face
-Had a stroke-like episode where my arm went stiff/numb, face on same side was numb, felt droopy
-Neurologist did everything he could, found nothing
-Primary Doctor thought it was viral, but it's been two months
-[U]FINALLY SAW AN LLMD[/U]-- he said It's likely I could have Lyme & Co-infections
-LLMD is testing me for Lyme & Co (igenex), tests results come back 4/16
-Anxiety is getting worse, feel like I'm dying! Need some

[B]Overall symptoms:[/B]

-shooting/lightning bolt-like pains
-tender spots
-sore scalp
-pressure in head
-almost feels like something is in my head moving around
-jaw pain, tooth pain, facial pain in general
-ear pain, ringing in ear, clogged ears
-sore throats on and off

-pain behind right eye
-blurriness/double vision/seeing spots
-dry or itchy eyes

-shooting pains
-ribs are extremely tender
-breast soreness
-heaviness, shortness of breath

-stiff, sore neck
-neck tender
-back pain
-tender spots along spine, especially on lower back
-feeling possible little bumps along spine

Stomach/Abdominal issues:
-Constipation or Diarrhea
-Stomach pains or cramps
-Possible enlarged liver/spleen--tender and bulging where these are
-feel like I cant sleep on stomach anymore at all

Womanly issues:
-worsened menstrual cramps
-yeast infection
-pelvic shooting pain

-Shooting pains all over
-burning skin on legs
-tingling, numbness

-hard time speaking--finding words, slurred speech
-difficulty concentrating
-unexplained anxiety
-depression (normally a happy person)
-overwhelming feeling like I'm dying

-Muscle Twitching
-Hot Flashes
-Mouth Sores
-Feeling like bugs are crawling all over
-Horrible shooting pains all over body

[B]Tests Done[/B]: Viral panel, other bloodwork, MRIs, CT Scan of head, Spinal Tap, Chest xray, and more.

**Was only tested for lyme in the hospital, a quick test, came back negative

***Again, LLMD is testing me for Lyme & Co-infections, but I need some reassurance for now. The waiting mixed with my anxiety is NOT working out!

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