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The C6 test is supposed to be highly sensitive in late Lyme disease, It was 100% sensitive in late Lyme in a sample size of a few hundred (if I remember the size).

That is your screening test, meaning supposedly that if it is negative and you are not early stage Lyme then it is highly unlikely you have Lyme disease.

You can get this C6 at igenx, or Stoney Brook ( a lab specializing in Lyme disease). Stoney Brook has the widely available C6 and an in-house version. They also have a western blot test.

You can also get the western blot from igenx and the C6 there too. The problem comes in when less than CDC positive count bands. You may have Lyme disease, but you can be less certain that you do have Lyme disease. That is the problem with the tests as they work now with many antibody qualitative tests. I know people say certain bands are specific, but that gets complicated and even then it may not be as true as we think I wonder. I know band 31 is not specific because even igenx says there are two confirmatory tests for band 31 to make sure it isn't a cross-reaction.

The best way forward may be the new nano-trap antigen tests, which ignore antibodies altogether and look for antigens from active infection. This can prove if you have antibiotic persistent Lyme disease and it should also make diagnosis easier.

The first nano-trap antigen test is supposed to come out this summer. Next year will add more antigens from BB as well as co-infections. This is the test I highly recommend. Otherwise a conservative route you can do today would be Stoney Brook C6 (standard and in-house versions) and Western Blot if you want to be really sure you have a true positive test. You could also get igenx western blot and evaluate according to CDC criteria.

If you were positive for late Lyme I guess you would need IV antibiotics which you won't get unless you are part of the system that knows you have it for sure. Nor, do I know how long you would get the antibiotics or what would happen. I'm not sure who gives those antibiotics, but I'd guess a Stoney Brook positive C6 test and positive WB with CDC bands results would be part of that.

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