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May 28, 2014
June 30, 2008 I was treated for an unknown infection for 10 days with amoxicillin. I had a fever of 102.5, severe headache and neck pain. I was so sick I thought I had meningitis. My lyme was negative at that time. Never had a rash or known tick bite.

A few days into my treatment I developed Bells Palsy while on vacation in VA.

I went back to the doctor July 21 and my lyme was positive. She treated me with 11 more days of amoxicillin. My Bells Palsy improved 24 hrs after restarting the amox.

I have always questioned if I was inappropriately treated. I questioned the NP on the gap in treatment and not receiving doxy.

I was retested Oct 2009 for numbness and tingling in my arms and legs.

I was in an urgent care center last week and reading a poster on lyme and it said doxy is the only treatment.

I brought it up to my current primary care and she doesn't say much about it.

My lab results...

[U]July 2008[/U]
IgM by WB [I]Positive[/I]
IgG by WB [I]Negative[/I]
Lyme Abs Tot [I]2.3[/I] (Range 0-1.2)

[U]Oct 2009[/U]IgM by WB [I]Equiv[/I]
IgG by WB [I]Negative[/I]
Lyme Abs Tot [I]1.25[/I] (Range 0-1.2)


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