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Today my ILADs ND agreed to start treating for chronic lyme as I've been tested up the wazoo and found not to have "everything else" (MS, Lupus, etc., have had brain MRI, EEG, many blood tests). This was a pleasant surprise as my lyme (Quest) and co-infection tests (IMUGEN) just came back negative. She explained that false negatives are typical, I have tested "out" of most other possible diseases and that the severity and longevity of my symptoms point to lyme.

I did test positive for rickettsia back in 2012 and was treated with doxy for 10 days.

I have been totally debilitated (after experiencing symptoms on and off for the past two years) since Jan 2014.

Questions for you pros:

**Any experience with taking Minocycline (50 2xday, I'm very med sensitive) and azithromycin (500 1xday) together - how did you do? Is this too potent for a starting treatment? Will also be taking VSL#3 probiotic. As I've experienced some bouts of severe dizziness (3 in last year) the stated side effects of Minocycline are scaring me.

**In view of the negative lyme tests should I bother going to an infectious disease doc as well? I have an apt at a top teaching hospital in Boston but now thinking not worth the bother driving in from NH.

Cool Psychiatrist Story: My primary care doc (PCP) recently took the depression as a cause of all my symptoms route :rolleyes:and sent me to a psychiatrist, who promptly (especially after hearing my neuro symptoms) told me my PCP was an idiot. He then proceeded to call my PCP during the apt to tell him that I probably had lyme. He also told him - nicely - that he was being lazy. It was awesome. These gems are hard to find in the medical world.

Thanks, Birch

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