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I posted a couple weeks ago that I was dx with MS and sent away for Lyme testing Got the results last night. Here goes:

IFA= 40 (equivocal)

IgM Western Blot = CDC positive/Igx positive

Positive bands are:
23-25 ind
31 ++
39 +
83-93 ind

IgG Western Blot = CDC negative/ Igx negative (wont bother posting which were +/ind)

The multiplex PCRs (whole blood/serum) genomic and plasmid were both negative.

So. Help? lol. Is this undoubtedly Lyme? Is there ANYTHING else this could be or any chance that the test results are off?
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]IgM antibodies are the first antibodies produced in response to an infection. If there are large numbers of them this [I]generally[/I] can be due to a new active infection OR an existing infection that has become reactivated. IgG [I]generally[/I] is the body's response to infection over a period of time. It can indicate a current infection OR a past exposure to or past infection. It may be present after the infection is gone.

You really have to look at all this[I] generally[/I] because when it comes to LD these tests really are not an exact science. Also, different agencies and docs have different ways of interpreting the results. Thus . . . I wouldn't worry too much about the difference. You are Positive. That is accurate, so treatment is needed. That is the bottom line. An LLMD will want to assess your clinical symptoms first, then use the test results as an adjunct.

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Thought I would add - I was infected at least 13, 14 years before someone suggested (on this board, actually!) that I should get tested for Lyme. My test was Positive IgM with Igenex and CDC, but, like you, negative for IgG. From what I've seen posted, most who do receive a Postive for IgM do not for IgG. Again, so much for tests! ;) [/COLOR]

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