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I did had a appt to talk to the doctor about abx and testing, but didn't go. I have felt terrible the last couple of days. My gastro doctor called and said I have C. diff (yesterday). An infection in my colon. Have you ever heard of it? Do you think that could have caused my results to be off. From my understanding it is a pretty bad bug.

If I have lyme is there anywhere the lab from the grastro office could have gotten the two bugs confused? Just a thought.

I just started metrodinazole today for 10 days. Can this be used to treat lyme as well?

My EMG/NCS came back normal. Confused I thought for sure something would show. My feet hurt to walk on and both feet tingling. My lower back hurts too, but the nurse said that the c.diff wouldn't cause back pain. My joints hurt so bad. Right when i feel better. Bam I'm not. What the HECK!!

I wash my hands more than anybody I know just about. Just don't understand how I have this crazy c. diff infection.

I need to go do x-rays of my back, but i'm scared to enter a hospital anytime soon.
Funny that you message me, bc I was going to message you too.

Hope i make since, feel more out of it then normal. Thank you for the info on LYME. :)

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