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[QUOTE=Renee13;5298772]One was done with my neurologist and the other with my reg. Doctor's office (got this one today)

My first one was .94

The second one is negative(so they say)


Component: 41 KD (IGM) BAND Result: REACTIVE

component: 23 KD (IGM) BAND Result: REACTIVE

Component: 39 KD (IGM) BAND Result: NON-REACTIVE


The rest of the Bands 41, 18, 23, 28, 30, 41, 45, 58,66,93 were NON-REACTIVE

Confused! It says a lot in the notes tho. about CDC criteria and so on. Makes no sense to me tho.

But the nurse did tell me that if i didn’t feel comfortable with my results that they could do more testing. So I’m going to call tomorrow and ask what kind of testing?

Can anybody make sense of the second test. I'm so confused. It would seem to me that I have it.[/QUOTE]

Your [B]IgM [/B]shows positive since you are "reactive on the 23 and the 41 band.
----TWO WAYS to test Positive for Lyme
1) If TWO bands are reactive on the IgM = positive
2j) If FIVE band are reactive on the IgG = Positive

You don't have to be positive on BOTH the IgG and IgM.
Just as long as (1) of those two scenarios are showing positive.

IgM would indicate an EARLY infection
(beginning of disease process)

IgG would indicate that the disease has been in progress longer and the body has started to produce the IgG antibodies --meaning that the infection has been going on for a longer period of time.

You are "early infected" since the IgM is the first part of the immune system to start making antibodies.

After a longer time of infection, the IgG starts making antibodies.

Your western blot test does say "POSITIVE" for IgM
because you are "reactive" on two bands. THat mean POSITIVE for Lyme and your symptoms are from lyme disease.

The 94 was your lyme titer test that is "screening only".
When the screeing is suspicious for lyme disease, it is
protocol to do the Western Blot to confirm.

Your western blot test appears to me to have been confirmed positive.

You now need treatment so that you don't end up with a chronic lyme and possible permenant neurological disabilities if you get treated immediately. If they won't treat you, then get a hold of Stephen Buhner's book: "HEALING LYME" with herbal remedies.

Most non-LLMD doctors simply are not schooled in Lyme Disease and do not understand the Lyme test.
They take orders from the CDC and very sadly the CDC standards are becoming more and more difficult to get a positive reading. Too many doctors are throwing out MS diagnoses to people who are infected with Lyme because of the poorly understood testing methods.

Ask for testing to co infections. IF you are positive on a co-infection, that should help cement your already positve Lyme test.
[QUOTE=Renee13;5299687]I don't think I have an early infection. My symptoms have been going on for awhile. A lot longer than 4 weeks. But i will go to the LLMD and talk to he/her about my test. So confusing Katherine. Thank you. I try and see if i can get one of those books.[/QUOTE]

I say Early[B] because you are positive on the IgM western blot being "reactive" on two bands.[/B]and still negative on the IgG western blot.

Later/older infections will develop the IgG antibodies much later than the IgM, --- and since your immune system is showing the IgM positive and NOT the IgG, then that is what I mean by "early" infection. Lyme disese is like no other disease. It is a "cousin" disease to syphillis..... a spirochete. (a very insidious disease which needs proper treatment so that it does not progress). I say insidious because of how it attacks either the nervous system or in some people the brain, while others it will attack joints.

It is called the "Great Imitator". Some people suffer from arthritis, others suffer more neurological symptoms, and others get various sypmtoms.

That is why it is so important to treat the infection before permanment damage is done. I refused "symptom drugs" because of the side effects. I am not in a wheelchair nor using a cane to walk like many other people I know who took drugs for symptom treatment only and they got worse because they didn't treat the initial "Infection".
Maybe it would have been better said that you have not yet developed a long term chronic lyme infectiion since you were negative on the IgG test.
[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]FIRST in the infection process is the IgM to show up[/B][/COLOR].

MUCH later on, the infection will have made the IgG immunoglobins in your immune system.

I hope that makes more sense.

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