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Hi Everyone,
My 4 year old daughter got a tick bite 7 weeks ago. The tick wasn't attached when I found the bite, but my dr confirmed it was from a tick. 1 week after the bite, she started waking up crying from pain in her knees and ankles. Within a couple days of the joint pain starting, she developed a low-grade fever and was very fatigued. Our dr prescribed 3 weeks of amoxicillin for possible lyme. Symptoms improved somewhat on antibiotics. She finished the 3 weeks of antibiotics and within 2 days, all of her symptoms returned and we were sent to the hospital. Had X-rays (normal) and CBC done (all normal except elevated LDH). Was put on another 3 weeks of amoxicillin. Symptoms improved somewhat. Still has occasional low-grade fever and joint pain. But over the past few days (week 5 of antibiotics) she has developed a tiny spiral rash on her chest and non-itchy red spots on her body, arms and legs (about a dozen). The paediatricians don't know what's going on. Can any of you shed some light? Many thanks

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