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my primary care doc suspected lyme i got the western blot thru mac lab and only one band 41 igg came back positive. i decided to see a llmd and based on my symptoms thought i had lyme gave me antibiotics ceftin for 500 mg twice daily and gave me a new western blot to take thru igenex. the issue is i dont have the money for the lab i lost my job over this illlness i have any im going to start working soon but i dont know how soon i can get the money for the test.

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]If your LLMD thinks you have lyme I wouldn't worry about testing right now. You can continue to be treated based on your clinical symptoms, as your LLMD is doing.[/COLOR]

in the meantime i was taking ceftin after one week i stopped because i was having a yeast infection that would not go away. in the meantime i went to a rheumatologist and i found i had the hla b 27 gene for spinal arthritis and i had a positive ana of 1:160 and i also have on multiple occasions a high wbc count of 14.7. it wasnt high enough for leukemia.

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]High WBC would not be uncommon with LYME. It indicates you are fighting an infection. l:160 is not that high of an ana to necessarily indicate a Rheumatoid factor. Many lymies have elevated ana. [/COLOR]

i dont know what to do. im in so much agony here i have arthritis in my spine, hips, shoulders, severe tendonitis, severe pain, dry eyes, muscle spasms. my issue is the rheumi gave me sulfasalazine for arthritis mostly arthritis muscle and nerve pain is what i have with inflammation all over. if i have lyme i could be making it so much worse. but at the same time i need to get this inflammation under control

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Lyme Disease is about inflammation so I'm not surprised you have widespread arthritis, dry eyes, etc. The way to deal with these issues is to continue to treat the lyme aggressively. The LLMD can change up your meds if the yeast infection continues. Have you discussed this with him/her? I would also discuss the sulfa drug concern you have. I'm sure it must be confusing trying to work with two different doctors on two different fronts. If you have Lyme, and from all you described it certainly does seem likely, then realize that whatever symptoms arise are almost [I]always[/I] due to LD. Many of us have been down that road, going from doc to doc with various symptoms that 99% of the time are lyme related; therefore, they just require continued lyme treatment!

Wish you all the best with this.

Tess [/COLOR]

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