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Hi All,

This is my first post to the community and wanted to first thank everyone on this board. I've spent months reading up on tick borne disease and have used so many of your links and posts to help with my direction.

I had my first eye opening experience with an infectious disease doctor this week. After finally finding a doctor who recommended that I have the Igenex testing done, I was referred to a local ID doctor after coming up with a positive FISH test for Babesia and what seems like quite a few IND / + Lyme bands. After reviewing my Igenex lab work he said that he wouldn't treat me for the Babesiosis because he didn't believe in the Igenex testing. He wouldn't even discuss the Lyme results since they were neither CDC nor Igenex positive. He did offer to have testing done through Imugen which I agreed to.

Prior to seeing the ID doctor I had already set up an appointment at the end of September with a LLMD here in Central NJ. I had a feeling the ID doctor wouldn't treat for Lyme but didn't think he would ignore the Babesiosis.

My symptoms started about a year ago and I've experienced many of the Lyme symptoms and daily struggles that so many of you have. I've seen a few neurologists and GI docs who have run every test I think is available. Been to the ER twice in the last 2 months. On and on... You all know the story. I wasn't thinking of a co-infection but the Babesia explains my chest pain and shortness of breath, although the ID doctor didn't think I had any signs of Babesia.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had a positive FISH test for Babesia but been told that it's false. Also I think that based on my Lyme results that the LLMD may diagnose me with Lyme. I might be getting ahead of myself but from so much of what I've read this is such a symptomatic diagnosis and the few positive bands probably confirm what I'm already feeling.

Thank you again for all of your fantastic dialogue. I believe I set up my profile with my Igenex results as viewable.

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