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CD57 is not considered a reliable marker for lyme disease. Mine, for instance, is always high even while testing positive for Lyme. I know other "lymies" with similar results.

On your Igenex read out there will be a final decree of Positive, Negative or Indeterminate from both Igenex and CDC. You can look to see what that final evaluation is. However, tests are a secondary consideration in diagnosing LD. Clinical symptoms are considered first. You didn't mention what your symptoms are but if you suspect Lyme I would advise that you definitely keep your place on the list to see an LLMD, even if the evaluation on your blood work is not "Positive".

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Well all of this has started because of the symptoms I show and with my killer cells registering so low something seems to definitely be going on. I just am having difficulty with the fact that it takes two months or more to get to see an LLMD and I will have to drive five hours to get there. :( In addition to all of this I have a sister, brother-in-law, 2 nieces, and a nephew all positive for lyme. How odd is this? We are also wondering if another sister shouldn't get tested. My anxiety level is increasing daily and that is not helping as I need to keep working. I am a teacher and some days I wonder if I will make it to the end of the day! The more I hear from people the more I am learning so all help is appreciated. Thank you, Tess!
Do you have Lyme disease? Maybe. I can't really tell from those results you posted alone; no one can.

The CD57 and natural killer cell stuff isn't really important in diagnosis.

What's important are your western blot results. That's your bands 41, 39, and 51, etc. You have only 3 bands positive on both IgG and IgM, and 41 isn't usually significant in itself because it's very common in the general population. That's because other simple infections can register a positive 41 band as well.

Lyme Disease is a clinical diagnosis, meaning that the signs and symptoms you have, as well as certain risk factors, determine whether you have the disease along with the lab results. Considering either one in isolation of the other might lead to the wrong conclusion.

I would stay on the list to see the Lyme specialist. Show him your results, and tell him your symptoms and where you live. He should be able to determine whether you have got the disease or not...but even LLMDs don't catch everything. Sometimes, it just ends up being a diagnosis of exclusion :/

But anyways, to answer your question I recommend staying on the list because you may have Lyme.
my doc who is in leesville la ran same test,if you have two or more positive markers you most likely do have lyme ,from all ive read igenex is one of the best labs for this

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