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[QUOTE=jojo;5335402][COLOR="Green"]The tests for Lyme and co-infections are not accurate. So the reason many of us go misdiagnosed then we have chronic lyme the rest of our lives.

Your son has Lyme.

It is good your getting him to a LLMD. They go solely on clinical evaluation.

Raising his immune system to fight the critters into remission is the way to go.

Wish you luck on this adventure.


Hi Jody! Thanks for the reply. My real concern is that my son has NO symptoms. He is 15 and had mono. He had all the symptoms of mono and tested positive for mono. The symptoms of mono are gone and he now feels fine. The labs for Lyme were run at the same time as him testing positive for mono/EBV. If the labs for Lyme came back negative, we would have no concerns and nothing to treat. However, he did test positive for Lyme and this leaves us wondering...should we be treating him for Lyme if he has no symptoms?? I keep reading people have symptoms, but test negative. He is the opposite, he has no symptoms, but tested positive. Secondly, are the labs accurate because we tested him during the time he had active mono??

My son just finished a 30 day dosage of Augmentin 875-125 mg (1 tablet, twice daily) and Azithromycin 500 mg (2 times daily Mon/We'd/Fri).

He is now taking Metronidazole 250mg (2 tablets every 8 hours) for ten days along with Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg (1 capsule, twice daily).

This is the medication his doctor has him on until he sees a LLMD next month. I want to do the right thing and have him on medication if that is what he needs, but if doesn't, I hate to unnecessarily medicate him antibiotics.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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