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Hello all,

New member here, looking for feedback on a mystery illness that has been crushing me for almost 5 months. My symptoms (which seem to take turns rotating from day to day) include dizziness, extreme fatigue and weakness, headaches, loose stools (ALWAYS), palpitations, tingling arms and legs, shortness of breath, insomnia, "internal jitters, and brain fog.

Long story short, after months of visits to 10-15 different docs, we have found:
- extremely low testosterone (87)
- mild hypothyroid (4-8 TSH)
- Low B12 (232)
- Low iron saturation (12%)
- Low vitamin D
- Positive IgM and IGG for CMV
- High ammonia (136; normal 16-60)
- Still waiting on Igenix test result

I've had brain and pituitary MRIs and colonoscopy/endoscopy come back negative, as well as stool and parasite tests.

Unfortunately now I have different docs reaching different conclusions. A Lyme doc believes that this is Lyme and is recommending I begin a long and expensive antibiotic treatment period. He said that the CMV IgM result could be a false positive b/c Lyme confuses the immune system. An infectious disease doc today told me that it is probably just CMV and it is taking a long time to work its way through my system.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with these symptoms or diagnoses? ANY feedback would be most appreciated.

Would also welcome feedback on my supplement regime, which now includes:

- B12 injections
- Testosterone injections
- CoQ10
- Magnesium
- L-ornithine, L-aspartate (to reduce ammonia)
- probiotics
- melatonin to help with sleep
- Inflam-X
- "GALT Immune" - bovine colostrum and beta glucan.
- No gluten in diet (even though I'm negative for celiac).

Thanks in advance. I'm desperate to get my life back soon!!

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