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Hi guys

Recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease but not before my pancreas became inflamed, i have had stomach pain and middle back pain soon after eating for months, gradually my stools became paler and more frequent.

By the time i got to my LLMD i was diagnosed with

Lyme Disease
Chronic Lyme Pancreatitis

I was severely deficient in many nutrients from months of poor digestion!

I was bitten August 2013 but knew nothing about Lyme, flu like symptoms, gradual decline in health from quite the opposite, i was an active mountain biker etc.

After many slight problems, lower back ache, fatigue, leg pain, feet pain, dizziness, off and on, i suddenly developed Prostatisis in March 2014 and soon after acid reflux!

I went to see my normal doctor and he prescribed Lansoprazole and Ciprofloxacin, i had a nightmare on the Cipro so tried Trimethroprim, i had such a hard time on both antibiotics, more pain everywhere, light and sound sensitivity, prostate felt worse, restless legs, i gave up all meds, the stomach settled down but other things appeared, brain fog, tinnitus, carpel tunnel, arthritis, pain pain pain!

I eventually came across Lyme, connected all the dots but by the time i got to a LLMD in November my pancreas was very inflamed, just from Lyme, i was on no meds for 5 months, but nearly all antibiotics have a side effect of pancreatitis, i tried rocephin, huge increase in pancreas pains, i'm now on IM Benzyl Penecillin 1.2 twice weekly as a safer option (my 4th week), i still have pancreas pains but i'm not herxing at all on the Penicillin, which makes me think it's not working, i even herxed just on the Trimethroprim back in April!

What other options are there for aggressively treating Lyme without hurting my pancreas? I want the Lyme out of my Pancreas before it does any more damage, I also think i may have Bartonella based on my symptoms and my reaction on Ciprofloxacin, Being it's sister drug Levaquin is used for Bart, i'm going to get tested for co-infections next, so any ideas on suitable treatments?

I know Cipro and Levaquin have a bad track record so i certainly won't be taking them again!

Thanks Guys

A suggestion for GI issues is Heather's tummy tamer. Great Product! Probiotics are a [I]must[/I]. I can't advise in terms of abx therapy because I did only alternative. Many lymies chose alternative or a combination of allopathic and alternative. Continual abx therapy causes problems for many. I did the Salt/C protocol. This is a good book about that and everything lyme. [I]The Salt C Plus protocol for lyme infection [/I]by M. Fett. There are a number of others you could check out as well - Buhner herbals, Byron White herbals. You might also read Bryan Rosner, James Schaller. Even if you choose only abx, detoxing is vitally important, so familiarizing yourself with those herbs and vitamins that will remove the toxins from die-off is essential. The book I just mentioned has an extensive detox section as well.

Let us know how it goes.


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