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Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease about 4 months ago after coming back from a vacation on shelter island, and developed a rash a few days later. I actually had two separate rashes, one very large, spreading one on the left side of my back, and a much smaller one on my left side. I had some other symptoms that devloped later, mostly fatigue and neck stiffness. I was treated with 3 weeks of antibiotics. I still had some symptoms for a while, but they finally were fading away. It took forever for my rashes to go away, and they never completed faded. I still had what looked like bruise marks where the rash had been. last week, I started feeling a bit lousy. Then the smaller rash spot started itching and got red and inflamed again. I went to my doctor who totally dismissed it saying it was folliculities. But now the other spot where the larger rash had been is itchy, red, and inflamed! It is a bit raised, and looks slightly like a boil or a large pimple. It is itchy, but not sore.It is obviously related to the lyme's. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this, because it doesn't seem to be very common as far as I can tell.
I am also wondering if anyone else has experienced eye irritation/blepharitis as part of the lyme's. I developed blepharitis a week after my rash showed up and I feel it is related but my doctor says it isn't. Thanks

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