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Hello, I give links to research (you need to copy the link and paste it into your browser)
The following results


My result: ELISA [B]IgG: 9,30 AU/ml[/B]

Result negative: <10 AU/ml
Result doubtful: 10-15 AU/ml
Resul positive:> 15 AU/ml

My result: ELISA [B]IgM: 6,50 AU/ml[/B]

Result negative: <18 AU/ml
Result doubtful: 18-22 AU/ml
Resul positive:> 22 AU/ml

Test Western-Blot:

Test Western-Blot [B]IgM: result negative[/B]
VIsE: 0
p83: 0
p39 BmpA : 0
p31 OspA: 0
p30: 0
p25 OspC: 0
p21: 0
p19: 0
p17: 0
Strap position (Anl): 0

Test Western-Blot [B]IgG: result positive [/B]
[B]VIsE: 20[/B]
p83: 0
p39 BmpA : 0
p31 OspA: 0
p30: 0
p25 OspC: 0
p21: 0
[B]p19: 59[/B]
p17: 0
Strap position (Anl): 0
Hello again.
Thank you for all the answers and advice.

Overall, my condition has improved a little, I have no dizziness and headaches.
With symptoms that continue to maintain it looks like this:
My symptoms:

- Continuous fatigue
- Lack of concentration
- Lack of memory (fresh)
- Terrible sleepiness (even after having a good - with a different number of hours)
- Continuous feeling cold (even in the room when temp.25C and covering with two duvets and blankets)
- Rapid fatigue
- Lack of power
- Occasionally, myalgia (such as with a cold)
- Lack of energy
- Shaking hands
These symptoms do not always occur, as there is with different intensity.
Recently I had done another test for Lyme disease: ELISA IgG and IgM and IgG Western blot and IgM - all these tests came out negative.
I also visited the clinic of infectious diseases and a doctor there said that I do not have Lyme disease.
Symptoms that persist on and no doctor does not know where they come from.
Has the following tests for Lyme can be ruled out?
In these tests, although negative is something that does not work out and indicators have been exceeded.
Below links to scans of these studies:
1. ->
2. ->
3. ->

I also did recently following tests:
TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) : 4.37 (Norm: 0,27-4,2)
FT3 (free triiodothyronine): 3.9 (Norm: 2,0-4,4)
FT4 (free thyroxine): 1.31 (Norm: 0,90-1,80)
Anti-TPO (thyroid peroxidase antibodies against): <5.0 (Norm: <34)
ANTI-TG (this Thyroglobulin antibodies): 13.5 (Norm: <115)
Glucose in plasma: 96
Iron: 190 (Norm: 33-193)
Total cholesterol: 184 (Norm: <190)
Reported the doctor that I have a white coating on the tongue and I also made a swab of the language and the result is: Candida sp. (Positive) +
So it looks like at the moment.

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