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My now 17 year old son was treated for lyme and babs in 2006-2008 (age 9-10) and I also was treated for it plus I also had bartonella (I was CDC positive and he wasn't). We were treated by different doctors due to my son's age and my LLMD could not treat him. I was very happy with both doctors and their extensive knowledge of the disease(s)

In the last few months my son developed depression, anxiety, irritability/anger, adhd, chronic sinusitis, occassional headaches and shooting pains, twitching, fatigue, staph infections of the skin, gluten sensitivity (positive through entero) and cognitive issues.

Most of this became worse over the last 6 months. He is iodine and b1 deficient (thyroid tests are normal). He is an athlete and has always been a good student. Since starting his senior year in the fall he has hated school (due to the adhd that just got diagnosed) and is not enjoying all the fun things that he normally would as a senior.

The staph infections, getting bit by a dog and receiving his 2nd meningitis vaccine all make me wonder if any of those have anything to do with his issues. He has always been a lover of life and still is trying to be that way.

He did not have all these neuropsych symptoms when treated 2006-2008. He did Doxy and malarone during those 2 years. I did a more aggressive treatment and am ok now.

I took him back to his Lyme doctor in Dec. and we will see him again next week to go over all the results. His Igenex results are as follows:

30 +
31 IND
39 IND
41 IND
83-93 IND

39 IND

Thoughts are welcomed. Bartonella? Babs? No sweats though. His bart and babs came back negative on a LabCorp test so I don't know if we will retest these through Igenex or not.

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