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Hi Jodie - thanks for your reply.

I think my doctor is an LLMD - curious if it sounds like it based on how she's testing me/treating me. I know she attends conferences on Lyme disease - and believes it's a misdiagnosed condition that's often missed and can be treated. Recommends IgeneX as the gold standard in testing Lyme.

In my doctor's opinion, C4a is the most important blood level to monitor the infection. (Mine is just under 10,000. Normal is 0-2830ng/mL). She's also noted that my C3a level is low, which is also consistent with an infection.

As for my IgeneX, my IGA Burgdorferi test was positive. For IGM only band 66 was positive wth 39 and 41 indeterminate. For IGG 31,41 and 58 were positive. 34 & 39 were indeterminate. Between that, the blood test and my herxing symptoms after starting treatment, I'm pretty sure we've finally found the cause of all the muscle pain I've had. I'm 34. I had mild symptoms starting when I was 13. They didn't get bad until about 10 years ago.

As for Antibiotics. Doxy is 200mg, twice a day. The other antibiotic is Tinidazole. 500mg twice a day, two days out of the week. Do both of those seem low? Don't know if the doctor is starting me at a low dose to see how it goes and plans to increase it later. I have an appointment in a week - maybe she'll want to tick up the medication then.

She also has me on supplements. One called Cat's claw and the other called Artemisia. For herxing, she recommended Alkaseltzer Gold.

Is there a test out there for co-infections? The doctor suspects I have Anaplasmosis (I think - it may be a different co-infection), based on how I'm always feeling an uncomfortable chest pressure and that's the symptom that's been around the longest.

Thanks - I know I threw a lot of info out there. Been trying to figure out what's wrong for a long time - based on all the test results and the herxing symptoms, it sounds like it has to be lyme, right? Does the doctor seem like an LLMD?

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