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Feb 15, 2015
I'm a mom of three. I used to be moving all he time I took care of everything and everyone.i get at least one tick a year. Ten years ago my lw back pain started andI had a hysterectomy do to adenomyosis. I was about 26. Around 2008 my teeth started breaking out with out any cavities. About 2009 the fatigue started and in 2010 i started having neck pain and all over body numbness. I started dropping things and my arms felt heavy and tired. I was having sharp shooting pain randomly thru my body.. MRI results stated herniated disks and bones spurs. But no entrapped nerves. I have had migraines, steroid injections( didn't work) and an opcipital nerve block ( worked but insurance quit paying. I have sleep apnea and after a year of cpap therapy i was still very tired. So my doctor ordered some blood tests, something happened to the first batch and they had to be repeated. They came back ebv positive for a past infection. Lyme titer in high range.equivocal igg band 41 igm bands 41 and 23 reactive. 1 question i had just finished a round of antibiotics zpac for an abcess on my gum and swollen glands and fluid on my ear, could that have messed with my test? And where can i find a llmd in east TN near oak ridge?

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