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... c of the hallucinations and he says that I'm bipolar. I'm going to see a shrink on Monday for it for a second opinion. ... (7 replies)
... that you were going through. I have the exact same problem. My anxiety and panic is unrelenting, it never stops. I have crazy thoughts. Music and things I pick up on the television replay over and over in my mind. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Friends, I have been fighting chronic Lyme the past 1 year. I just completed 1 month Levaquin in month of September. My LLMD had me stop Nov 6, 2008. So I have been having a problem with my mind. (like we all don't). Anyways I have music in my mind constantly. Sometimes the same song over and over or my mind changes to another. I know it's crazy. Now I'm not hearing... (3 replies)

... hiatrists don't know much about Lyme and many of the psychiatric medications can cause a lot of problems. At least for me anyway. My LLMD prescribed Xanax for my anxiety and rage episodes. That, along with my other medications seem to work well for me. Just be careful and make sure that your Psychiatrist is Lyme literate. ... (7 replies)
... I will never take it again. Apparently it attaches to the GABA receptors of the body too so taking supplements such as Niacin or Valarian actually can make the anxiety worse I have read. ... (6 replies)
... I got depressive mood disorders and anxiety in my mid to late teenage years along with growing animosity between me and my parents. ... (3 replies)
... Specifically antideprressants, anxiety meds, DMARDs, and arthritis drugs. The drug companies BIGGEST money makers. No cure, and you keep them in businees with a need for these drugs. ... (10 replies)
... Hello to all. After failed attempts to diagnosis, Ive met with a LLMD. I have tested for Lyme through IGX lab and I get my results on Tuesday 12th. I will report back. As far as Bart and Babs, I tested Negative. All my labs show normal and healthy although im far from it. Backstory... 33yr old Male. I almost forgot what it feels like to be healthy and active. Sports... (1 replies)
... board for information about whether my past psychoses could be caused by lyme disease. My psychaitric issues started in 2009 when I was in college. I had severe anxiety and depression. I went on an antidepressant and felt a little better but went off because of the stigma. ... (1 replies)
... Beings I didn't have any knowledge about lyme. And no doctor would listen to me. OR just plained ignored what I was saying. I finally found a doctor that dealt in Chronic Illnesses. He listened to my story and said....Sounds like you have Lyme. :eek: He said I looked like something the cat drug was under 100 pounds and was wearing neck braces, wrist braces.... (15 replies)
... Hi Writart, I was wondering, are you taking Neurontin or Gabapentin? That's what I take and you sound like me. How long have you been taking it and how much do you take a day? milligrams? When I first started taking it, about a year and a half ago, it kind of messed with me at first, too. I also had nightmares too, all the time. But it has gotten alot better. Now, the... (7 replies)
... Thanks so much for everyone replies. I guess this Lyme's can do all kinds of crazy things to us! (7 replies)
... KeyLyme wrote: <
... Last night I was awoken in the middle of the night and I was having bizarre visual disturbances. I've had the "normal" ones before (floaters, etc.) but this was really dancing colorful geometric patterns. I would call it a hallucination except I knew it wasn't real at the time. It went away the second my DH turned the light off, and I put it down to a new... (7 replies)
... In my later stages I would close my eyes and see visuals. Colors, shapes, people. Whatever song I heard on the radio or something I heard on tv would keep repeating over and I would hear it and could not get it out of my head. I would most often for whatever reason see my mothers face morph into my brothers when closing my eyes especially at the end of the day.... (7 replies)
... Hi KeyLyme. I am very sorry you are going through this. Please don't be embarrassed about symptoms, it is not your fault that you have them. Does your Lyme doctor know you are experiencing these symptoms? Getting another opinion is a good idea. I hope this doctor is familiar with Lyme. Can you see if you can get in before Monday? Lyme disease can cause many... (7 replies)
... Lyme disease can produce a number of emotional and psychological effects, from anxiety and depression to confusion and even hallucinations. ... (7 replies)
... thanks for that great response sleeper. it makes a ton of sense to me. i know my brain stuff has been screwy for a long time and both my llmds have been tretaing it. now especially with my new one here in wi. i am still taking my thyroid, hormomones, iodine, and now lots of other important things he suggested for my brain. i can't tell if they are working yet, but i am... (38 replies)
... Thank you Dorkdad and Romans. I am really happy to be able to give you good news about my health and share how it has happened for me. Romans, I know what you mean and it is not always a quick thing. It's the American way to get things answered fast. Resting and waiting are things that aren't honored in our society, but they are important in healing and you will get... (38 replies)
... you about that, but I wonder if you could give Mark some B vitamins next time and see if it helps. Get natural ones though because rd40 coloring is very bad for anxiety and has been known to create hallucinations in children. ... (17 replies)

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