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... Thank you so much Tess201 for taking the time to reply to my post ... I have been doing my research as best I can to understand Lyme since I got bit, live in Northern Ontario Canada and not many doctors let alone specialists. ... (3 replies)
... Rich, So sorry to hear of your ongoing health problems. I know well about folks from Canada having difficulty getting proper treatment. Many have posted here. Some have chosen to come to the US for care but I know that is probably difficult. You might consider doing Alternative until you can find the help you need or even in place of Allopathic. Oil of Oregano, for... (3 replies)
... for lyme disease you need to see a lyme disease specialist! If not treated properly, lyme can quickly become chronic and much more difficult to treat, as many of us here can attest to. ... (3 replies)

... Resveratrol is a substance that is produced by several plants and that is sold as a nutritional supplement. ... (9 replies)
... the sinus problems and back to the doctor i went. They told me i had chronic sinusitis. Back on to antibiotics i went, another ten days. I began to feel better. As soon as the antibiotics ended I was sick again. Back to the doctor i would go. ... (7 replies)
... Im going back on depakote as LLMD says the effects of it may now be different as im 2 months treated for LD, and the combination is one he uses regular with good results. ... (12 replies)
... CJFTWORTH, first let me explain what had initially happened to me again as I didn't write out my whole story and hopefully I can clear up what I wrote earlier. Stay with me cause this is gonna be a long one! ... (39 replies)
... no lyme, no coinfections...oh yeah you have this mysterious virus that you are fighting but that is nothing...Oh, gosh as I wrote that I just remembered my visit to the ER at my Mother's house. ... (39 replies)
... There was no treadmill as i thought there would be, no heart test, or any equipment? ... (15 replies)
... before it can happen again, but if they send me out to work now, theres no way i will keep going and it will take away the progress ive made. It wioll be to much as i stillhave to many weak days and mentally cant be aroud more than 2 peopel at a time, and thats when i know them. ... (15 replies)
... I'm not sure what AS is, could that be Alzheimer's disease? ... (12 replies)
... e. They called the MS "atypical" but 6 neurologists totally dismissed the idea of Lyme disease. I have seen my symptoms improve and get worse with antibiotics. As far as I know MS is not affected by antibiotics either way. I know I definately have a bacteria which is making me sick. ... (12 replies)
... Over the years, I have been suffering from significant long term memory problems, as well as short term. I am often embarrassed when my friends and family talk about incidents Ihave no memory of. ... (0 replies)
... bow and shoulder up to my shoulder and across to my neck has been a real problem. At one point I felt like someone was pulling a rubber band around my upper arm as tight as they could get it. It still bothers me some but has gotten a little better. Kind of comes and goes. ... (1 replies)
... given that you were having these symptoms I think the agressive treatment was a good choice. My llmd however doesn't even do IV as he said that taking the medicine by pills was just as effective. Possibly you could save some money if you went in this direction. ... (39 replies)
... attribute a suspected Lyme Disease infection to every single health problem you have. It's a very narrow minded point of view in my opinion and I would be just as skeptical as you are about it. You wrote that high fibrin levels were proven to have been caused by Lyme Disease "by several other lyme special tests. ... (39 replies)
... About detecting the actual bacteria in the body, there is a way to do this, however, it just isn't very reliable as a diagnostic tool. It's called the Lyme Disease PCR which can detect the Borrelia DNA in blood, urine, and spinal fluid. ... (39 replies)
... accepted. I understand how my previous reply could seem threatening because of the negative nature of it. I wish it wasn't so, believe me...I want to be cured as bad as anyone else on here, but I just refuse to lose sight of reality. ... (39 replies)
... Hi, I am a newbie here so I will be as brief as I can... ... (1 replies)
... days because I'd Herx so awfully it was intolerable, i.e severe joint pain and body aches, nausea, severe paresthesias, etc. As long as I simultaneously stay on my detox protocol though it's not a problem. ... (13 replies)

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