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... Does this sound like Babeosis resurfacing or if not maybe some reaction to meds. ... (41 replies)
... What lab tested you for Lymes? I think it important to go to the known reliable ones for Lyme testing. I'm still dealing with the Babesia question myself. I tested negative at IgeneX for it (positive for Lymes) but Dr. H said to test in 3 to 4 months (when all the Doxy would be out of my system) but to have the PCR DNA test. I already had the basic Babesia and Fish. I don't... (41 replies)
... Can someone tell me if they have been tested positive for Babeosis without having Lyme Disease and what their symptoms were? ... (41 replies)

... of blood tests I had showed I had been exposed to Lyme Disease, although there isn't any presence of the disease there now. Does that mean that I can indeed have Babeosis since I have been exposed to Lyme? ... (41 replies)
... hi! i have the sheet with me,the babeosis panel is: 1-b.microti antibody igg and igm 2-babesia pcr 3-babesia FISH RNA 4-WA-1 ANTIBODY IGG, IGM 5-WA-1 PCR I HAD THE 1 AND THE 3, DOES ANYBODY KNOWS WHAT THE WA ARE? I AM STILL CONCERN, AND THEY STILL HAVE MY BLOOD, SO IF wa IS IMPORTANT, I MIGHT DO IT AS WELL... }HUGS (41 replies)
... I asked for a Babeosis test, not Bartonella. Now I'm wondering if I should have included that as well. ... (41 replies)
... Well, please let us all know about your Babeosis test and how that all turns out, I will be very interested to see how it goes. Good luck! ... (24 replies)
... Hi! I am sure that my diagnosis is correct. I have no doubt. My "chinese doctor" diagnosed both lyme and babeosis. Given his ability to detect these in my body by evaluating my energy levels... why should I not trust that he can treat it as well (yes... this is where I am conflicted... I trust and I don't at the same time). I spoke to my chiropractor and he was very... (4 replies)
... hi deccajay The babeosis I have does give you fibro symptoms Mine goes like a hot poker all down the front of my legs and arms The pain also reminds me of siactica I saw a doc in one of my visits who had mostly recovered from lyme who had this also and it was from the co-infection The babeosis attacks your nervous system as well as neuro lyme will My myalgia pain did not... (10 replies)
... Hi Lymesgal- Dr D. IS testing me for Babeosis. I went last week. We'll see what he does. Thanks, Ticker for that comment on malaria drugs. It will help to specifically ask Dr. D about it. I too know someone who had good luck with Dr. D. A teenage boy, slept in a chair becuase his body would not let him lie flat with all the joint pain. He was on the verge of being... (24 replies)
... I don't have Babeosis, and as NCGirl said, Babeosis does strange things to the heart. ... (14 replies)
... I will get tested for Babeosis asap. How long do people that have been sick for 25 years have to stay on antibiotics before they start to feel a bit better? ... (10 replies)
Thanks Ticker
Feb 10, 2003
... thyroid pill, plus others, and also supplements. I imagine I am being treated for the babeosis too, but I'm really not exactly sure which medication is to treat that. My doctor explained that babeosis is a "malarial type" infection. ... (7 replies)
... esia, along with his comments about Igenex Lab, is just another example of an ID doc spouting information about Lyme of which he has no understanding. I also had Babeosis with the exact symptoms you describe. ... (2 replies)
LP Puncture/ Lyme
Jul 19, 2008
... Hey Ticker thank you for responding. My best guess is that from the onset of my symptoms and scrambling around trying to find a doctor who cared, it was about 20 months before I started antibiotic treatment with IV Rocephin first. Now you talk about recovery. I know that you are not a doctor but do I still continue with antibiotics that is the tricky part. Will my body... (4 replies)
Lymes and tinnitus
Apr 21, 2008
... Hi Jockey wilson I noticed that you didn't mention what meds you have taken if any yet . I know how painful and annoying the tinnitus problems can be . It made me very irritable at times . I have also had the buzzing and ringing and pulsating ear issues for over 3 years After being on IV Rocephin for 11 months and IV zithro for almost 5 months it has almost cleared I... (7 replies)
Zithro and mepron
Apr 16, 2008
... I too have been put on this combo by my LLMD. He's not convinced I have babeosis, he's putting me on it to deal with some of my neuro Lyme. He said it hasn't been published to help with the Lyme but he's had a huge amount of patients who he's treated on it and it's helped them loads. I'm hoping it's going to work out. I'm concerned about the fatty foods. He said i'll be ok... (18 replies)
... Hi JustDave4now; Dr Mcneel is definately not taking in lyme patients . I have heard good things about Dr Dorand in concord nh There are several in NY City Ct area Dr Horowitz Dr Raxlin I go into New York even though it is a long way I consider it worth the trip I can truly understand your frustration and if I were you I would run as fast as you can to a Lyme... (4 replies)
... I am still seeing Dr R in NY . I am still making progress on his treatments and gaining ground as I call it. I have chronic lyme which was neurological and babeosis and barttenella .. ... (19 replies)
... ers and bands stand for and I do have neurological lyme. I know I have several co infections but don't remember what they are. I know he is starting to treat the babeosis first and I guess the levquin is for the co infections. It's always great to hear some positive outcomes. I haven't heard of many. ... (28 replies)

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