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... two weeks off. I also take a 1200 mg Bicillin shot every other day. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for responding! I am not taking abx orally, just the bicillin shots. I am seeing a LLMD, Dr. Warren Levin. ... (3 replies)
... My LLMD switched me from Doxy to injections of Bicillin. I take one shot every Mon, Wed and Fri. Each shot is a thick white gooey liquid with 1200 mg of bacteria killing power. ... (10 replies)

Bicillin LA shot
May 24, 2013
... My LLMD started me on Bicillin LA shots... Someone once said something to the effect of that Bicillin LA shots do not kill the spirochete but merely put them to sleep. Others then disagreed with this statement. ... (0 replies)
... I've had lyme for almost 4 years. Wasn't diagnosed until about 1 1/2 yrs ago. Started with Rocephin IV, on this for about 5 months; went to new dr - very knowledgeable, but quite conservative - didn't like IV's. So, went to oral mix of Zith, Doxy, & Biaxin. Switched to Plaquinil & Tetracyclene - actually made some headway here - was feeling quite a bit better. However, my... (5 replies)
... am feeling worse. The Doxy was working for me but I had to stop it because my liver enzymes went up. I got them back down again but Dr. E wants me to give this Bicillin a chance before starting Doxy again. ... (10 replies)
... Hi lyme94, A few years ago I got my Bicillin from Kmart for $159. This was the price without insurance. (10 replies)
... My prescription also says Bicillin LA 1200. Sorry to hear it hasn't helped you. ... (10 replies)
... I have been on Biccilian LA shots for 14 months to keep me from getting worse. I take a shot once a week, it is not getting me better but I am not getting worse. ... (10 replies)
Too much abx?
May 29, 2011
... Hi everyone- I started with a new naturopath recently and he wants to do a PCR test. I have suffered for about 6 years and have been treated by another LLMD during that time with limited results. I have never had a positive Lyme test (equivocal), even Igenix. So, the new doc wants to force a herx and do the PCR so he can figure out which abx are needed for IV treatment. He... (2 replies)
... It hurts so bad that I missed my Bicillin shot. My leg is hurting just too much and I don't have the heart or the guts to poke it with a big needle. ... (3 replies)
... That was a good thing because I gave myself my Bicillin shot and the burning helped keep my mind off the pain of injecting. ... (16 replies)
... Happy happy joy joy! I am back on Doxy. So now I take: - 1200mg Bicillin shot 3x per week - 600 mg Doxy per day - 1500 mg Tindamax pulsed every 2 weeks :) :) :) :) Xena now has a full complement of weapons in her arsenal to battle the evil Lyme! (11 replies)
Super crappy stuff
Feb 13, 2006
... Today was the day for my Bicillin shot, so I'm sitting here with my pants down ready to stab myself in the leg and my daughters friends come strolling through the door. ... (13 replies)
... CJ - You ARE the best! I DID laugh at the "Hairy Bear" expecially as I belong to an Animal Chat Group where some of the names are "Hairy Pawter" and other really funny takes on real names....Cracks me up every time. Went for my BiCillin shot this morning and the nurse (who also was dx'd with Lyme & Fibromyalgia years ago) laughed at my "dark humor" when I'm not feeling... (164 replies)
... I'm right there with you, Damz68! My neurologist put me on Levaquin 3 weeks ago and I started within a day with SEVERE pain, even in places where I didn't have pain with previous Herxes, etc! I called, then missed his call back (the secretary told me it sounded like the flu....sighhh) when I was in an exhaustive sleep - No answer back with calls again and when I went for... (2 replies)
... Newly diagnosed . I am taking Ceftin 1000mg and had rocephin and bicillin shot while in the office. ... (7 replies)
... my current LLD has had me on Zithro 250mg 2X a day and 1.2 MMU of injectable Bicillin 2X a week. I have been on this combo for 15 months now and dispite all the damages done in the last 11 years I was doing OK. ... (6 replies)
... c I'm at work and I can't remember the names. I give them an intramuscular shot of, I think it's called bicillin but can't for the life of me remember, three times a week. ... (6 replies)
Need info on shots
Jul 17, 2007
... i was writing because i had a question about shots.. i have been on orals for a long time and i think i have just about exhausted all of them.. i was on bicillin shots once in the past and they actually made quite a big difference.. i had to take them once a week. ... (0 replies)

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