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... Does anyone out there ever have changes in these areas Before my Lyme my cholestrol was 160-180 Now 245 Always had low blood sugar 60-80 low of 50 now increased to 160 all of a sudden The dr picked this up on blood work seemed concerned but haven't heard back yet Also thickening of blood nurse noticed this the past four weeks when they draw it weekly couldn't get enough... (8 replies)
... Many Lyme patients experience thickening of the blood. ... (8 replies)
... I had 2 Lyme related blood issues. ... (8 replies)

... hi kate my cholestrerol went up over 80 points to 245 used to be 160-170 every time in the past on my bi yearly physicals I never did run to the doc alot friend of mine used to have to make me go so now I read all the ingredients on every package My brother had 4 heart attacks and has since died from hep c undiagnosed for years probably 30 had a blood transfusion when he... (8 replies)
... Is this a blood clot or a mini stroke? ... (2 replies)
... I take the doxy and it goes away. I made an appt with Infectious disease to be safe after my dose. He runs a test again warning me that it could still be in my blood but I was happy that it came back clean without a trace of lyme. Alls good. ... (6 replies)
... have moderate to severe herx effects from antibiotics that will usually have no effects on normal healthy individuals. The reason for this may be the diminished blood flow system caused by the thickening of the blood commonly found with CFIDS patients. ... (0 replies)
... ryebeach, watching your diet should include cutting out any white carbs, reducing overall carb consumption, and focusing on green leafy veggies and whole-grain products. There is an established link between carbs and elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, and heart disease. If you're concerned about fats, keep transfats out of your diet, and try for lean meats. Eat lots... (8 replies)
... This is completely subjective evidence, but my cholesterol shot up 30 points in two months at the same time that I began to experience noticeable Lyme symptoms. I say "noticeable", because I had just been diagnosed with a new heart murmur (never had one before, and I'm 48) but did not know I had Lyme. Six weeks later, my left hip began to hurt so badly I could not... (8 replies)
... hi nicegirl My son had his menengitis and stroke over 30 years ago he has had learning disabilities and congnitive problems along with anger issues which have gotten better over the years seizure disorder and way to much to describe The part that is difficult is the emotional support he needs from myself has always been there to help him through the bad times and sometimes I... (8 replies)
... Hi Rye, I know that my husband's cholesterol has gone up since his diagnosis with lyme. You write of your challenges and your child having suffered a stroke from meningitis sure jumped out at me. I hope that your child has been tested for tick borne illness if that is a contributing posibility to his or her meningitis. Take care... (8 replies)
... Hi Blues I will look into Bromelain Can't hurt I have been trying to keep a check on my diet also Thanks for the support Did have bad news from work they are filling my position since the doc says I will be still out a coupl more months at least Not such a nice Valentines gift but I guess that's life Again Thanks ryebeach (8 replies)
... Funny thing is I'd had a peculiar feeling that my blood was "sticky" but I just told myself that that was ridiculous. I'd never heard of Lyme causing thickening of the blood, in fact I didn't even know such a thing was possible. Just goes to show you that you should listen to intuitive guidance. ... (33 replies)
... dilated. Basal ganglia and thalami are normal. Brainstem and posterior fossa are unremarkable. There is no diffusion abnormality to suggest acute infarction. The blood vessels at skull base have normal flow signal. The pituitary fossa is normal. Corpus callosum is normal. ... (22 replies)
... Lyme can cause neuropathy and thickening of the blood. ... (10 replies)
... I wouldn't say my skin is thickening but I have developed lots of skin problems such as mole and wart looking things on it. ... (11 replies)
... He believes that optimal core body temperature should range from 98.6 to 99.0 and that anything less means that the body is not able to detoxify properly due to thickening of fluids such as blood and lymph. I finally bought a digital thermometer that I carry with me and started a log as an indicator of my progress. ... (6 replies)
... Lyme also can cause thickening of the blood - I don't know about clotting though. I would just make sure you cover all of your bases here. I had two negative ELISAs one through Johns Hopkins - went through IgeneX found out I was dealing with Ehrlichia, Lyme, and Babesia. The retina can change in regards to many diseases. I know that the John's Hopkins doctor... (2 replies)

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