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... Hi, I've been diagnosed with lyme. Been on Antibiotics for 5 months and do feel better in some ways. One of the problems that seems to stick with me is a strange vibration on the left side of my ribs under my arms. Feels like I have butterflys or heart papiltations. I also seem to have rib pains, vibrations that move around a lot but mostly the flutters/vibrations on my... (7 replies)
Lyme Disease??
Oct 8, 2008
... Oooookay this is my third posting of pretty much the same thing from around the site. Please bear with me :) What bothered me lately (over the past year) is that I seem to wake up at night, my body feels like it's completely vibrating, my mouth goes numb and my heart starts to feel like it's racing. My muscles will twitch in my upper body (chest, shoulders arms etc). This... (9 replies)
... Hi Thanks for checking on me. The Rocephin treatment is better now. Almost don't know I'm taking it but I'm herxing bad afterwards. I have a feeling it's from the Doxy though. After I take the doxy I start feeling lousy about 30 minutes after. I need to check with the doctor again and see if I can just do the Rocephin only. I'm on doxy 2 times a day and the Rocephin mid... (7 replies)

... Just thought I'd check in to see how your IV treatments are going. I know the first week I was on Rocephin, I felt so bad I couldn't get out of bed. It might be to your benefit if you can find a cardiologist who is Lyme Literate. Ask your LLMD if he/she can recommend one. If you're getting light headed during these spells then obviously your blood flow is being affected.... (7 replies)
... Thank KeyLyme, Started on the IV with Ceftin yesterday. We'll see how I do. When I do the Ceftin I kind of get a woozie feeling while it's going in me. It goes away about 30 minutes later. Is that normal. I don't know what normal is anymore...... Thanks, (7 replies)
... In my case, oral abx did not work. It's primarily b/c my symptoms are neurological. The IV is working much better. (7 replies)
... Hi, Thanks for the info. I wonder if they will all go away after I get through with the midline they put in me. Treating me with Ceftin IV and oral Doxy. Does the IV seem to work better? Thanks, (7 replies)
... I get lots of "flutterings" through my body. You have a lot of nerves that wrap around your ribcage and it's probably just one of them going haywire. It could also be heart palpitations too. I have those as well but they aren't serious (at least in my case they aren't). (7 replies)
... I had EXTREME rib pain for years...don't remember butterflies. Good Luck with the midline!!! Hugs :D (7 replies)
... as bad. This autumn she had shakings all over the body, headache and heart palpitations, but the heart and chest were not at all affected the way they were in 2008. ... (14 replies)
... Hi, i'm usually on the Addison's board...but for some time i've had symptoms & illness that cant be explained by my Addison's. They have been many, & have progressed over time, but one of the main things i've had is at first an inner vibrating, first starting in my legs, & now sometimes, in my chest. it has gotten more severe, too...almost a rumbling or shuddering, now. i... (15 replies)

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