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... For a long time now I've had burning eyeballs. I don't know how else to describe it. My eyeballs feel like they're burning, both internally and to the touch. ... (3 replies)
... light vertigo, no balance, no energy, and some headaches. I am swollen up like a grape and I've been doing a lot of crying with thoughts of suicide. And also burning hot eyeballs. ... (40 replies)
... By the way the burning eyeball thing sounds familiar. My eyeballs didn't burn so much as my tears. It wasn't constant and I was convinced the bacteria was exiting through my tears. ... (40 replies)

... Hi Itsmylife I don't have burning eyeballs anymore since I stopping working and try to get my rest I also have to take xanax to sleep but still get only 5 hours a night then try to nap in the afternoon It does help with the herxing along with benadryl Hope you are having a decent day today Best wishes for you and all that suffer with all of this Ryebeach (40 replies)
... Hi 6Blues! I used to feel really crappy like that until I started taking Dr. Jernigan's products and Wobenzym N. As far as the burning eyeballs go, I would put heat on them. The bugs want the cold...but you need heat! ... (40 replies)
... My appt was at 9am this morning, so I told work that I would be late. When my alarm went off, I felt so crummy and sick and I was so tired that I turned it off and went back to sleep for slept till 11am. I feel terrible for blowing off my doctor, but boy did it feel good to sleep. I guess I'll reschedule. I'm still feeling crappy: headache, fever, burning... (40 replies)
... Hi Blues I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so awful are you sure you want to continue off the meds It sounds like your symptons are back I can see by your posts it has been a very long time for you but don't try to rush it I have had the burning eyeballs before I started on the Rochephin not so much now I used alot of eyedrops and cold compresses when I could Felt as... (40 replies)
... Burning hot eyeballs is also a symptom of lack of sleep. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Blues I have been off line The flooding up here has put our phone and ionternet service on hold indefinately I am saddened to hear you feeling so low I know how much of a struggle it has been for you I have similiar symptoms and boy is it unerving to go through Your kids need you no matter what The thought of you leaving them behind should out weigh any thought of... (40 replies)
... My eyeballs still burn but it's not everyday. I run fevers but not everyday. ... (40 replies)
... My eyeballs feel hot. I guess its because I'm running a fever all the time. ... (3 replies)
... Hey, this is one I really could never explain. The burning eyes..feels like they are splitting almost...I was wondering if anyone felt the same since I hadn't read it here. ... (40 replies)
... Thank you, I appreciate that. I hope you start feeling better soon! :) (3 replies)
... Hi datgirlstef. Sometimes, when I feel like my face is on fire, the thermometer reads 99 degrees and I think to myself "You gotta be kidding me!!" It should read 109 the way I feel! I hear ya' about the reliable thermometers. I have 3 digital thermometers that are CVS brand and one thermoscan. I use all 4 of them. lol - hoping one will give an accurate reading. ... (3 replies)
... I've had this off and on myself for a while now, but almost every day last week. (I've been on abx for a year now). For me, it starts gradually.. starts at my scalp, and works its way downwards, past my ear.. sometimes to my shoulder. On the way down, it gets my eyes. The other night I looked in the mirror just to see if my skin was as red, and it was. I didn't check to see... (3 replies)
... the burning starts and then by bedtime they feel like hot coals. ... (40 replies)
... I have the burning eyes too. It has been on and off since I first became sick which was almost 3 years now. I carry around bottles of the artificial tears and use them constantly. ... (40 replies)
Insane Itching
Oct 23, 2010
... I don't get it in my eyeballs, but pretty much everywhere else, I do get burning in my eyes though do you? ... (4 replies)
... fatigue, fever, red face, burning eyeballs ... I just came home and crawled into bed. ... (14 replies)
... my eyeballs burn so badly!! ... (1 replies)

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